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BioSilk Silk Therapy Treatment Review

This product was recommended by the same female hairstylist that recommended me the CHI Transformation product. I bought this product the same time I bought the CHI product. Before I get into any information about this product, I want to talk about the price of this product. The price of the BioSilk is not as… Continue reading BioSilk Silk Therapy Treatment Review

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Playing Around with Makeup

I was watching a Nikki Tutorials video she posted a little while ago and she actually posted this really cool looking special effect makeup. I say special effects, but she doesn’t really use anything other than body paint in the video. So I figured I would recreate the look! However, before posting the pictures I… Continue reading Playing Around with Makeup

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Chi Transformation Conditioner Product Review

I have been buying so many products to try to get my hair healthy again. Which probably won’t happen any time soon. One of the three products that I bought on Black Friday was the Chi Transformation. I was told that this product would help my hair. I paid around 6.00 USD for this product.… Continue reading Chi Transformation Conditioner Product Review

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Fhi Neo Bond #3 Hair Protector Review

This was another product that another hair stylist recommended to me. He said that This would be all I needed because it had vitamins and nutrients that my hair needed to get my hair healthy again. With that being said, of course I bought the product because I believe a professionals opinion over my own.… Continue reading Fhi Neo Bond #3 Hair Protector Review