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Dieticians are Pretty Cool

I went to a dietician July 12th. Which I was reluctant to even go to because I didn’t think that she would help that much. But my family doctor said that he really wanted me to go and see a dietician to make sure we are going on the right track.

She actually really helped put into place the distant severity of Insulin Resistance. I say distant severity because right now it’s not a problem. However, Insulin Resistance can turn into diabetes, which no one wants. But she also reassured me that it’s actually something metabolically wrong with me that I have all this weight on me. When I first did my five-hour glucose test, my insulin results came back through the roof. She said that she has never really seen someone produce so much insulin like I have. She also said that this is concerning because my pancreas can become exhausted from all the production of insulin that it wouldn’t work as much in future years. Which is what we are preventing.

But she was also telling me more about polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). I didn’t realize that PCOS was linked to Insulin Resistance. Since insulin is a hormone, more insulin (which is what I have) means more androgen. This hormone is made in fat cells, ovaries, and adrenal glands. It’s absolutely amazing how the human body works together in everything isn’t it?

I usually eat once or twice a day. So the dietician told me I needed to eat more often. Usually every 3 to 5 hours. However, these meals have to be small and healthy. I gave her a meal plan me and my mother were planning to start which is the Insanity meal plan. Which is the meal plan that you are supposed to be on while you are working out with the Insanity program. And she said she loved all the things on the meal plan and it was a good plan. So it makes me feel better that a registered dietician said it sounded great!

All in all, I am really glad I kept the appointment to see her. She was a great help for me and my mom to further understand Insulin Resistance and PCOS.

Another lesson I learned, is that my family doctor is right again. It’s not all the time that you find a doctor that actually cares for their patients’ well being. But I am really glad I did!

Xoxo, Alicia Dawn


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