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I’m Legal!!

For five years, I have been trying to get my driver’s license. Seems like it’s no that many years, but when you are the only one without a driver’s license among all your friends… It takes a toll on your self esteem. For five years, I depended on people to drive me places. I knew that people were getting tired of me asking if they could take me somewhere or take me home.

In South Carolina, I took my test three times. Of course, I failed all three times. The first time I legitimately should have failed. I was a nooby that didn’t know how to drive. The man that administering the test was really nice and told me what all I should practice. The second time I failed the lady wouldn’t even get into the car with me. All she said was,”Turn your lights on. high beams. blinkers. Emergency lights. Step on the break. Turn off the car and get out. You automatically failed” and went back into the DMV building. Didn’t even tell me why. The third time I went to another DMV about 30 minutes away from the first one I went to. Which was a bad idea, because I didn’t know the roads around there at all!! Which the lady that administered the test probably picked up on. She just told me that I had to practice more and I was too cautious.

In West Virginia, I had multiple permits because I was never confident enough to even take the test after the three times I failed. However, since I am starting school soon. I figured I needed to be an adult. Suck up my fears of failing, and just do it. And I passed my first time in West Virginia!!


The man that administered the test was one his phone the whole time. He told me what I was doing wrong while I was driving, which was really nice! Because it was like he was teaching me more than testing me. He was really funny and chill, too! The first thing that he asked me was “Does your car have AC?” When I answered yes he said, “Awesome, we’re off to a good start then!”

I have really bad testing anxiety, so I was really nervous about it. I couldn’t even sleep the night before and went in with two hours of sleep. Which I do not recommend. I was super tired and snappy. But when I found out her was chill and actually just teaching me than testing me. I wasn’t as nervous about it.

I’m so glad I got it now. Although, I still feel like I will get in trouble if I drive by myself…

But hey, fourth times a charm?

Xoxo, Alicia Dawn


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