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I Am Overweight…

Actually all my life I have been overweight. It’s nothing my mom had control over despite what the doctors had said. I was a very active child. I competed in swim meets in Elementary school and won first place in the state of West Virginia. I played softball year round. Which lead to practices almost everyday.Β  I would play outside everyday when I wasn’t practicing for softball. Sure, I would play video games every so often but I was always limited on game play. Sure, we would have fast food sometimes. But never enough times a month for me to gain so much weight. In elementary school I went up about 6 sizes in clothes in one year. Then from there on out I could not do anything but gain weight. No matter how much exercise I would get. We tried several times to get medical help but no matter what doctor we would go to, it was always our faults.

Flash forward to now, It makes sense why I couldn’t lose weight. For a solid 6 months I did nothing but medical testing to see what was wrong with me. I was finally sent to an Endocrinologist who made me do a 5 hour glucose test. Holy moley, That test was looooong!! But I am so glad I did it because I later got diagnosed with Insulin Resistance. Where my body over produces insulin and doesn’t absorb the insulin properly. Which make insulin build up in the blood and makes you gain weight like crazy. It also can cause skin tags and excess hairiness. It can eventually lead to type 2 diabetes but if you take care of yourself, you can reverse Insulin Resistance. I also have thyroid issues as well. Which all this combined is not a good combination. However, it’s definitely not the worst.

My Endocrinologist prescribed Metformin to help reverse the Insulin Resistance and Synthroid to help my thyroid issues. Which has actually helped tremendously!

Back in July of 2016 I started a fitness blog to document my journey of losing weight. I was hoping that it would help motivate me to continue working out. It actually did help for a while until I took multiple trips to Disney. As you probably know, vacations almost always kick your workout routines to the curb and it’s almost impossible to get back into the groove of things.

The last post I posted on that blog was back in September of 2016. It was about how I was in a size 16W. At that time, The last time I was in a size 16 anything was when I was back in middle or early high school. Which was about 12-15 years old. However, since the multiple trips to Disney and my crippling depression (and no I am not using “crippling depression” lightly) I gained all that weight that I lost back and then some. When I say ” and then some,” I mean 50 extra pounds from when I started back in July of 2016. So a lot of “some”..

When I was at the doctor last I weighed 275 pounds.

I am completely ashamed of myself.

Despite having gained more weight than when I originally started, I am starting again and this time I am not going to give up. Because I know that there is a better life filled with adventure once I get all this weight off. I have joined the Lady Boss community and I have a good feeling that this is the thing that is going to change my life. I’m not going to start a new blog or anything. I’m just going to document my journey here and probably on YouTube as well. I’m going to post about my progress, feelings, motivation, food, my “why”, and what inspires me. A lot of this probably sounds like gibberish, but I promise that it will all make sense in the end.

This is going to be my Lady Boss Journal. A long with other fun adventures and makeup things! I really hope you will join me in this journey. And if you are reading this and are in the same position as I am in this moment as I am writing this. I will hope that this journey will inspire you.

This is my Day One!

XOXO, Alicia Dawn


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