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Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Review

I really wanted to give this line of liquid lipsticks a try because I need to get over my addiction to high-end makeup. I’ve also liked a lot of other Maybelline products, So I had a lot of hope for these. Maybelline Matte Liquid Lipsticks!! Sounded pretty promising!

I went into Ulta just to have a cruise around, but of course I had to come out with some things… because no one can just go into a beauty store and not buy anything. And I came out with these little beauties.

When you go to the Ulta website it tells you a lot more about the product than it does in store. This product is supposed to glide on smoothly with a creamy, velvet-y matte finish. It’s supposed to have two times as much pigment for a vivid color. There an amazingly beautiful range of colors in this collection! You have whopping twenty colors to choose from. And trust me it’s so hard not to buy the entire collection.

They aren’t inexpensive, for a drug store brand that is (I don’t mind spending money on a good product It’s $7.99 USD per tube. Sometime you can get these on sale at Ulta. Buy two get one free is the usual sale.

There were two color particularly caught my eye because there were absolutely gorgeous colors in the tubes. And I had to have them on my lips! 02 Grey Envy is a very pretty pinkish, brown color. The second one is 10 Nude Flush. which is a very pretty pink nude color.


When first open the lipstick tubes you can smell a really, really strong scent. I can best describe it as a vanilla perfume-y scent. Almost like an elderly lady’s perfume. It is kinda pleasant the first time.

When you put the product on your lips, or do a little sneaky swatch on your hand, the first thing you notice is how thick and smooth the formula is (just like the website says, besides the thick part). It’s also not a sticky, thick formula. Which is something that surprised me. I thought something that thick would be sticky a little bit. The second thing you will notice is how opaque this product is. They have an amazingly beautiful pigment to these lipsticks.

However, I do not like this lipstick at all. And there are a lot of reasons why.

First of all, when you apply this product to your lips you smell that elderly vanilla scent all throughout application. I said earlier that the scent of the product isn’t that bad at first, this is true. At first you are like, “Oh, well this is kinda different.” However, when you have to smell it throughout the application process and still have to smell it after you are finished applying it, it is nauseating! Honestly, if that is not bad enough, the taste is even worse than the smell!

The applicator for this product is also kinda hard to use. It’s not like regular liquid lipstick applicators where there is a kind of rounded, point at the end. It has a blunt, round end. Which I found hard to control the product. Especially around the cupid’s bow and inner corners of the mouth. The formula is thick. It’s not a sticky think, but it’s enough to make it uncomfortable on your lips. Almost like you are wearing a really heavy lip balm or lipgloss. Since this is very thick, I feel like it could get very messy as well. I like to press my lips together a lot and kinda like bite down on them while they are pressed (it’s a nervous habit I have). And every time I would do this, I could feel the product move around on me.

The last reason why I don’t like this product, and probably the biggest reason I do not like it: this product is not even matte!! I actually waited for thirty minutes to see if this product would dry. Never does. It still has that creamy, glossy feel and finish to it. Going back over to Ulta’s description of this product, it says “…a creamy liquid base for a velvety-soft, cushiony feel.” then goes on to say “Mousse-like texture glides on smooth to a creamy, velvety matte finish.” This definitely does not have a matte finish what-so-ever! The word matte is literally in the name of the product. Talk about some false advertising..

I noticed that when I would rub my lips together, the more matte it looked. But the edges were still really glossy. Taking that into consideration, I tried to blot this product and all that did was taking away almost all the product I have on my lips.

I honestly don’t even know how long wearing this product is. With everything that I just said, I couldn’t stand this product to be on my lips any longer.

I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone who is wanting a matte lipstick.

Have you tried the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks; if so did you like it??

Follow your dreams and never give up!!

XOXO, Alicia Dawn




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