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Dermaplaning Frequently Asked Question Answered

Scalpels aren’t only for surgeries! You can implement it in your skin care routine!  Dermaplaning is taking the Internet and beauty community by storm this year. Which is understandable once you know what this procedure is.

Dermaplaning is where an esthetician uses a very sharp scalpel and gently goes over the skin to remove the dead skin cells. Saying it that way kinda makes this procedure sound very scary.. Which it kinda is to me.. But it’s just like shaving.. with a very sharp scalpel.. Even though it sounds scary, it’s also very intriguing to me. Because when you finish the process, you end up with a smoother, brighter complexion. Instantly. You don’t really have to wait a few weeks to see a difference like you would have to with face masks, or skin care products.

I actually seen Promise Tamang share a video of Dermaplaning on Facebook and she said that she would do it if it wouldn’t turn her into Chewbacca afterwards. So I watched the video and I went to the comments to see if anyone actually gotten it done. While I was skimming through the comments, I seen someone say that when you shave your “peach fuzz” it actually doesn’t grow back darker. Which got me curious. I have done some research. I went to many, many Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Dermaplaning, read some studies about shaving “peach fuzz”, and even called my local esthetician and asked them this.

Answer: We don’t have to worry!

It’s actually a common misconception that these little-bity hairs come in darker and more coarse from shaving. For vellus hairs (which is the “peach fuzz” on the cheeks, neck, and jaw) it’s actually impossible for the hair to grow back thicker. The only thing that “shaving” these hairs would do is make the end of the hairs more blunt. Which can make these hairs seem like they come back in coarser. Don’t worry, if you decide to dermaplane your face, you wont have to be Chewbacca. Even though we would all look like fabulous Chewie’s!!

For some this could have been common sense but I know there are a few that are still worried about the little hairs growing in darker and more coarse. I was actually one of those people who actually thought this. So you are not alone in this!! I just figured I would share this info with the you guys!!

Would you ever do dermaplaning? Or have you gotten it done before? I would love to know!!

Follow your dreams and never give up!!

Xoxo, Alicia Dawn


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