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Matrix Biolage Hydra Source Conditioning Balm Review

If you haven’t read my latest hair update, you wont know what happen. So I will very quickly recap it for you. While I was at work the Salon manager came up to me and started asking question about my hair. She told me to take my hair down so she could look at it. She then told me that she was going to fix my hair. Which I told her not to worry about it. A few days afterwards she comes back with a huge tub of product and hands it to me. And she said that this should get your hair healthier. I asked her how much it was and she said “It’s on us!”

So I tried it.. and here I am making the review for it!

First things first, Just like all reviews. We have to talk about the actual product (what it claims to do). This balm is for extremely dry damaged hair. It’s meant to add moisture, softness, and seal the cuticle to lock in the moisture. It also helps detangle hair. Which with my curly hair, is a necessity!! The product description also says it’s color-safe and made in America.

matrixThe Matrix Biolage Hydra Source Conditioning Balm costs $44.00 USD for 37 FL OZ or 1094 mL. Which is an extremely large tub of product! You can get this product at a lot of places. I’ve been told that you can get an even bigger tub of this product at professional salon stores. I also know that you can get this product at the JCPenney Salon and Ulta as well.

The directions for this product are actually pretty simple. Apply to wet hair and leave in for 1-3 minutes. Rinse Thoroughly. and recommending that you pair this product with the Shampoo mate. However, I used this a little bit differently for the most part. I applied this conditioner to my hair dry, wrapped it in a hot towel, put shower caps over the wet towel, and then wrapped a heated blanket around my hair to keep heat on it. I know that is a bit over board. But I can never really keep hot towels hot. They are only hot for a couple of minutes. Which I feel doesn’t really help.

After all the products I have tried out, this product worked the best. It helped my hair feel and look a lot softer! If you ask me this is probably the reason why I can actually straighten my hair without it melting it like Barbie doll hair! I feel like it does everything that it claims to do. It helped detangle my curls after I haven’t brushed it in quite a while. It also helped add the softness and moisture back into my dry, fried hair. I feel like it is color-safe as well. I say this because I had red in the roots of my hair and it didn’t really bother the red any. And the blonde in my hair didn’t really turn a brassy blonde.

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The only complaint I would have is how expensive this product is. Because it rarely goes on sale any and can become quite pricey if you are gonna stock up on it.

Other than that, the product is great! If it wasn’t for this product, my hair would be ruined more than it was before. I would recommend this product to anyone whose hair needs a revamping!

Do you have a staple conditioning balm? I would love to know, so I could try it out!

Follow your dreams and never give up!!

Xoxo, Alicia Dawn

** Disclaimer: I was given this product because the hair stylist at the JCPenney Salon destroyed my hair. I have been given hair updates throughout my journey to help heal my hair up. I also decided to do reviews on the products I have been trying. That way if anyone else is going though the same things this will help them **



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