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BioSilk Silk Therapy Treatment Review

This product was recommended by the same female hairstylist that recommended me the CHI Transformation product. I bought this product the same time I bought the CHI product.

Before I get into any information about this product, I want to talk about the price of this product. The price of the BioSilk is not as expensive as the Fhi Neo Bond. With that being said, this product is still expensive. The original price of the BioSilk is $43.00 USD for a 355mL bottle (12 fl. oz). With the sale price, coupons, and my associate discount I only payed $19.20. Not as expensive as the Neo Bond, but it is still kinda pricey if you don’t catch it on sale or have an coupons for it.

biosilkThe BioSilk Silk Therapy is a reconstructing treatment that is supposed to repair, smooth, and protect all hair types. The directions were actually very simple as well. Apply to clean, damp hair and distribute evenly. Like I said, very simple directions. There is no way that you can mess them up!

I actually used this product each time I got out of the shower, for two weeks. Which means, I actually used this after I used the Neo Bond and Chi products. I followed the directions exactly. It never said any suggested amount to put in your hair. So I actually applied a very generous amount of product to my hair each time. While using the BioSilk product, I actually came to the conclusion that a little bit goes a long way. Especially if you have straight or thin hair.

The Biosilk actually seemed like it was working a little bit. My ends weren’t as frizzy but they were still frizzy. So I was kinda happy to see that something was working for my hair. However, my happiness was cut short when I stopped using the product. My hair went to the state it was in when I first got it done. So really the product only really maintained a little bit of the frizz and added a little but of glossiness to my hair. Which made me think that the product was actually helping when it was not.


Sure, it’s not bad that the product help maintain the frizz but I already have a product that helps maintain frizz and adds gloss to the hair. I usually just use the product before I straighten my hair to keep the heat from damaging my hair as much. The product is actually way cheaper than the BioSilk treatment, as well. That being said, I did return this product to get my money back.

I honestly wouldn’t recommend BioSilk Silk Therapy Treatment to anyone. It might be good to keep your hair from getting damaged from a straightener. But there are actually other products that offer the same result for a way better price. It also didn’t do what the hairstylist told me it would do.

If you have any recommendations for me to try to save my hair, then I would definitely appreciate it!

Follow your dreams and never give up!

Xoxo, Alicia Dawn


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