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Chi Transformation Conditioner Product Review

I have been buying so many products to try to get my hair healthy again. Which probably won’t happen any time soon.chi

One of the three products that I bought on Black Friday was the Chi Transformation. I was told that this product would help my hair.

I paid around 6.00 USD for this product. And I actually got it at the salon inside JCPenney. So I got a pretty good discount on this product with coupons and my associate discount on top of the sale price. The product is originally 25.50 USD for a 6 Fl. Oz. or a 177 mL bottle.

I read the directions and it’s exactly like the Neo Bond hair protection. Apply after shampooing your hair . Apply evenly throughout your hair. Let set for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse out of your hair. Use two times a week or as needed.

With as many products I’ve used, I have only used it once a week to try out the product. And each time I used the Chi treatment it made my hair feel drier and more brittle afterwards than before I put it on my hair.

I was using the Neo Bond on my hair before i started using this bottle. The first time I used the Chi Transformation product as soon as I washed it out of my hair it didn’t feel very good. I can’t really explain how it felt because I’m really not good at explaining things. I can explain how it felt after I got out of the shower to dry it. Dry. Honestly the little bit of help the Neo Bond did to my hair, I felt like the Chi Transformation reversed the effect of the Neo Bond. The Chi Transformation product actually dried out my hair even more.

20161215_204204Like I said before, I used this product at least three times to really give this product the benefit of the doubt. Each time I had the same effect. My hair just being extremely dry.

I was and am not a fan of this product and I would not recommend this product to anyone. I never return things, and I returned this product to get my money back. So that is saying something right there! Don’t waste your time or money on this product.

Follow your dreams, and never give up!

Xoxo, Alicia Dawn


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