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Fhi Neo Bond #3 Hair Protector Review

This was another product that another hair stylist recommended to me. He said that This would be all I needed because it had vitamins and nutrients that my hair needed to get my hair healthy again. With that being said, of course I bought the product because I believe a professionals opinion over my own.


This product is extremely expensive for what it is. You can get a 100 ML or 3.38 FL OZ bottle for $24.00 USD. With the coupon and associate discount I only paid $19.20 USD for it. Which is still expensive in my opinion.

The directions were pretty straight forward. Apply after shampooing your hair. Towel Dry hair and apply evenly throughout your hair and comb product through your hair. Leave the product in for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse out of your hair. You can use this two times a week or as much as you think you need.

Every time I used this product I followed everything direction carefully. I even read the directions every time as well. With that being said, the first time I used Fhi Neo bond i didn’t see a difference in my hair at all. While my hair was wet, it still felt very dry. When my hair dyed, it didn’t feel any different.  However, this didn’t stop me from trying it a few more times. The last few times is when I actually noticed a little bit of a difference. The roots and midsection of my hair turned a little bit softer. However, the tips of my hair were/are still fried.

Later on, when I was returning the item, my friend (who has went to cosmetology school) was telling me that this product is a heat protector. Meaning that it doesn’t help restore or add any moisture in my hair. Which actually makes sense because of how the product performed.


If you want a product to help you with the same problem I am having (restoring moisture and seeing if I can somehow make my fried hair look a little better. Or to help save my blonde hair); take my advice and skip out on the Fhi Neo Bond #3 Hair Protector. It’s not worth how much it actually is for a small amount of product. Plus it doesn’t even restore any moisture in your hair!! Which is the worse part!! I’m not expecting a product that magically restores my hair back to normal overnight.

If you have been following along on the road to hair recovery with me, what products would you recommend? I don’t know anything about hair at all. Which is why I am pushing myself to do this. That way I can have a little bit of knowledge and feedback from people who actually know what they are doing.

Follow your dreams and never give up.

Xoxo, Alicia Dawn


4 thoughts on “Fhi Neo Bond #3 Hair Protector Review

  1. You are suppose to get the in salon treatment to help the hair ( Steps 1 & 2). Step 3 is just an at home one just prolongs the in store service.


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