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My Hair is Ruined!!

A few days before Thanksgiving I decided that I wanted a change. I didn’t know what, but something. Naturally, I decided to cut and dye my hair. I’ve never really talked about my hair or shown my hair before, that’s because it has been so long and extremely curly. it was difficult to manage and just getting too long to even style. However, it was very healthy. every time I would straighten my hair, it was silky soft!

I spent a solid week on Pinterest and YouTube to figure out what exactly I wanted. when I finally figured out what I wanted, I made an appointment with a professional hairdresser. I show this picture to the person:

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I told her I wanted my hair exactly like this but just a little bit longer and the hairdresser said it was no problem.

At first, we cut my hair. I was actually more nervous about the hair cutting than the hair dying. My thought process was: you can always redye your hair if you don’t like the color but you can’t just fix your hair cut. The hairdresser took about ten inches off of my hair. and when it was done, it looked absolutely beautiful!! I honestly loved the hair cut! I really wish I got a picture of how it looked before the dye.

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Then came the lengthy process… dying the hair.. Again, I wasn’t really nervous about this.. at all. We started with foiling bleach throughout my hair because I had rather darker hair with red in it. and then afterwards put red in my roots without removing the bleach or removing the foils.

Everything was fine. Me and my mom were joking, laughing, talking. The hairdresser took two other clients. Both clients wanting their hair dyed and a trim while I waited for my hair to process. I trusted what the hairdresser was doing because she was a professional. So when it was time to get the dye out of my hair, the hairdresser took the foils out and started washing it.

While washing my hair, the hair stressed started laughing.  let me just say that again: laughing while washing my hair. all the person had to say was “well it’s definitely different.” which made my heart skip a beat.. no body wants to hear that from a hairdresser.. and then they said “at least it’s still healthy” which kinda made me feel better.

After that we blow dried my hair and ran a brush, which you never do to curly hair. because it becomes a fizzy ball of fro! so I had no idea how I felt with my hair when I left.

So when I got home I washed it again to put conditioner in it because it felt dry. so I washed it and let it dry and I tried to straighten it because that how I had to style my hair now. and my hair literally melted.

Let’s back up a few hours before this, I went into the salon at 3:00 pm. I didn’t get out until 9:00pm. it took, at most, an hour to cut my hair. like I said before, after cutting my hair, was straight onto dying my hair. my hair was actually in bleach for five hours. Five hours.  the red was only one there for about 10 minutes. so the red only took in the front part of my hair near my face and everywhere else didn’t take at all.

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“Alicia, how did you not notice that bleach was on your hair that long?” If i was given a dollar for the amount of times I’ve heard that question, I’d be rich! like I said before. I trusted the hairdresser to know what she was doing. also I have a very simple mind meaning I don’t really have thoughts going through my mind that often. I go with the flow and then think about it afterwards. so the thought never crossed my mind.

I’m buying a bunch of stuff to get my hair fixed. if you have any recommendations that would be great!!

Follow your dreams and never give up!

Alicia Dawn, XOXO


7 thoughts on “My Hair is Ruined!!

  1. Ohhh my Goshhh this is horrible!! the color won’t stick because the pigment has been completely stripped, so you need a protein filler on freshly washed hair.

    also try redken extreme shampoo and conditioner, I’ve never used it myself but we use it on clients at the salon (I don’t get the full effect because I can only wash their hair once, but it seems superrrr promising)

    when you get your hair colored again, go one shade darker then you actually want… I’d reccomend getting the salon (not that stylist) to fix it for free…


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