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5 Products I Regret Puchasing

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!!

I tend to buy a lot of things in Sephora. Which is both good and bad. I usually get very excited about new products that come into Sephora and my Sephora girls track me down to tell me what is new and make me swatch/try out some of the products. I love trying new products. But I love it even more when I LOVE the products.

However, this post is dedicated to the products that I regret spending my money on.

5. Smash Box Double Exposure Eyeshadow Palette

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Okay, Let’s just told about the palette for a minute. Honestly, I feel like this palette could have been a hundred times better. When I first got this palette I actually used it a lot. That was until I purchased the Two Faced palettes. Now I never pick this up. And when I do, It’s just a hassle to deal with anymore. When you use these eyeshadows dry they are okay. There are a couple of them that are actually pretty good. But I wouldn’t have bought the palette if I just knew just a couple of the shadows were good. They can get very streaky and extremely hard to blend out. They are even worse when they are wet. They become completely unblendable. And they do not last more than two hours and the color starts to die off. Which is truly tragic. Because you will spend all the time creating a perfect smokey eye. And then two hours later you are like “Why did I put on grey eyeshadow and blend it out with this dark purple? It looks horrible.” I also don’t like the brush it comes with. I usually get really excited about palettes coming with their own brush.. But I wasn’t pleased at all. I definitely don’t like it as much as my other palettes.

4. Benefits Cosmetics Stay Flawless Face Primer

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I love trying new face primers. I don’t think getting too bad of a primer will ruin your makeup. I think it depends on how much makeup you want to put on and how you apply it. So the reason why I don’t like this product is not because it “ruined” my makeup the days I put it on. It looked okay. The reason I don’t like this product is because this little tube only last me a little over a month. When I purchase things from Sephora I usually want the product to last for a while. Not just for a little over a month. It’s also not very sanitary. I was told by one of my former Sephora girls that you just rub in on your face in like three different places and then rub it in with your hands. Which means that bacteria and stuff could easily grow on it. Which also caused me to break out more often when I used it. The only two things I liked about it was that it smells really nice and that the packaging is kinda cute.

3. Beauty Blender Micro Mini



Let’s be honest, I just bought this because it was an adorable size. And I actually thought it would be easier to blend out concealer. Let me just tell you that I do not come up with the best ideas!!! Whenever I even try to use these little sponges I can’t evenly blend out my concealer and it also eats it up. No matter how damp I get the sponge. So really they are just accessories in my little makeup collection because I thought they were cute…

2. Too Faced Melted Matte Child Star Lipstick


I am getting into lipstick like crazy. And I finally figured out that I love matte lipsticks. Because I don’t have to reapply throughout the day and my lipstick wont get everywhere. HOWEVER, This lipstick… I don’t even know why I purchased it. I have heard bad things about the original melted lipsticks. And I knew these were gonna be just as bad.. I think I just wanted to try it to give it a shot. Because it was matte and I love matte lipsticks. So I did…

Do you remember the scene in A Bug’s Life where the bird was trying to eat Princess Dot and Francis? They hid in the cracks of the dry dirt in the ground. And you remember how deep those cracks were?? Now imagine that on your lips. with your natural lip color showing through. That’s how bad this formula cracks on my lips. I have tried it out a few different times. And It ended up being the exact same way.. I was very disappointed.

1. Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette

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I wasn’t as disappointed in the Matte Lipstick as I was with this palette.. I had my eye on this palette since Urban Decay announced it. And I was dying to have it. The packaging was absolutely beautiful!! That’s really what drew me in.. So when Sephora got them in I had to go over and swatch it. And they all seemed pretty okay at first when I swatched them. So I went ahead and bought it. I got home and I started playing with it. And all the shadows were horrible!! All but one. Which is the reddish rust color looking one. Which is actually very pretty on the eyes. But all the others are… Just no… I honestly don’t have any words for how disappointed I was in this palette. And the brush that came with it, even though it is pretty, I don’t like it that much either. I wanted to take it back to get my money back but the packaging was so pretty that I figured I would just keep it and try to do something with it. Which I still haven’t…

I think I need to wait to buy makeup to see what other people have been saying about the things that I want. I think that would help me in the long run to save my money. But like I said, I do love trying new products!

What things do you regret buying from Sephora or Ulta?

Follow your dreams and never give up!!


Alicia Dawn

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