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DIY: Magnetic Z-Palette

The idea for this blog post popped into my head when browsing through the interwebs. I came across a post about MakeSpace.

First of all, let me just tell you what MakeSpace is. MakeSpace is a storage service that uses technology to help you declutter your life. They  will pick up any large item that you wish to store and store it. And instead of charging you for unused space, they charge you the space that your items take up. You can go to their homepage by clicking here.

They are in select locations. It looks like they are expanding their locations!!  You can find their locations and future locations by clicking here.

I figured I would let you know, how I store some of my eyeshadows, blushes, and bronzers that I depotted to make more room in my Makeup Amoire. You could go out and purchase a $30+ USD for a Z palette and not worry about finding the stuff to make one. However, if you do want to save money and have a really cool looking Z palette then look no further!

All together I think these three Z Palette costed me $9 or $10 USD each. Which is still not bad when being compared the actual Z Palette.

What You Will Need

  • Magnetic Sheets – You can find this at Walmart, Michaels, or any craft store
  • Hard Cover Notebooks – Any of your choice!
  • Glue – Hot Glue or E6000
  • Foam Posterboard – I used cardboard because I couldn’t find any small pieces of foam
  • Scissors – to cut the binding of notebooks and cut cardboard
  • Old Makeup Palette – if you want to up-cycle your old palettes


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First you can take an old makeup palette and turn it into a Z palette. I took my Benefit Cheekathon palette and depotted all my blushes and bronzers threw away the cardboard holding the product. And then Used E6000 glue to glue the magnetic sheet to the bottom of the box (Refer to pictures above).

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These next two are my favorite! Go out and purchase a hard cover notebook. Perferrably one that you magnetically closes, but you can get the kinda that I got. I decided to get Darth Vader and a Spiderman notebook. After you purchase your notebooks you will need to take out the paper in between the hard cover notebooks. So you just have a hard cover. Now, you can use the E6000 to glue your magnetic sheet down. With this you can choose any side that you want to or you can glue the magnetic sheet to both. This will give you double room for you products! After you glued down the magnetic sheet you will need to set something heavy over it. This ensures that the magnetic sheet wont roll up on you while the glue is drying. Let that sit over night. Once you magnetic sheet has dried, you can now start building up the walls of your palette. Measure out how much foam poster board you need to help keep your new Z Palette closed. I just got some cardboard and the E6000 glue to hold it in place. Glue it on the outside and then glue the spine to the edges of the cardboard in the center and let that dry (Refer to the pictures above).

Then just like that, You have your own really cool, unique Z-Palette that doesn’t break the bank!! I don;t think you can tell in the pictures, but they really hold the metal pans that the product comes in. No slipping at all! If the product does have metal in the pan, you can always glue a magnet or metal on the bottom of the pan to help the pan not stick.

Send me pictures if you created your own!! I would love to see what other people have created!

Follow your dreams and never give up!!


Alicia Dawn


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