Where have I been??

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!!

I am very sorry I have been gone. I have been very busy! Since I work at JCPenney, they have me scheduled crazy hours for Back To School.. Blah!

But I haven’t been totally gone. I recently started a fitness journey blog called Flab to FabI have been doing Insanity for the past month and have been actually sticking with it. I’ve been posting measurements, fit test results, and just overall improvements I have been seeing with each video. I have also been thinking about posting pictures.. I’m not too sure if I want all that out on the Internet. But then again… I am working to lose weight… 

Anyways… I just wanted to touch base and say I haven’t died or anything! And I actually have a few things I want to post. No hints though.

Again, Sorry I have left for so long…

Follow your dreams and never give up!!


Alicia Dawn


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