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Phat Girl Diaries: Chafing Thighs

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!

I have discovered something ground-breaking. Maybe not ground-breaking for some, but when I discovered this, I was so happy! However, there might be some people who have the same problem I had that have no idea what could help.

Let’s start from the beginning, it’s usually the best place to start. For many years, I have had trouble with my inner thighs rubbing together, A.K.A. Chafing. Anytime I would wear shorts, a dress, or a skirt, I would end up with first or second degree burns. Yes, I know. It sounds disgusting. It’s super painful, as well! Just as a side note, PLEASE do not apply aloe to these areas! If you think it’s painful without anything on it, you will instantly figure out you are wrong.

I have been trying to figure out an affordable way to prevent this for years. At first, I thought that the only way was to wear pants. No shorts because they are only for girls with thinner thighs that don’t touch. However, when I started at JCPenney I wanted to dress professionally everyday. In the hopes of finding an end to the chafing, I went out and purchased off-brand spanx at Walmart. When buying spanx  you need to make sure that the material is thick. The thinner material can and will roll up. Which defeats the purpose of what you purchased the garment.

Even though they aren’t sexy, I stand by wearing spanx, they aren’t really necessary or practical for everyday wear. Plus they are super hot during the warmer months! I find that I take two steps and I’m sweating like an Olympic athlete. So, I asked around and did research and everything was telling me about how life changing baby powder was. I purchased baby powder and powder from Lush Cosmetics. I didn’t like either of them. It helped for a total of 3 hours and you would have to reapply it. I’m not about to take that to work and reapply it!!

After hours of searching the Innerwebs of Google, I found someone say something about Deodorant. So the next day, I decided to use Dove’s Dry Spray 48 hour antiperspirant. Guys, this stuff is literally amazing!! I love it! I am an Influenster and I get sent stuff to try out, This was one of those things. I don’t like the regular stick deodorant to prevent chafing because it is too thick for me and I feel gross. However, this spray is light and it dries in seconds. The best part? You don’t have to reapply throughout the day! I’ve applied it at 9:00 AM go to one of the Disney parks and come back to the hotel at 10:00 PM and have nothing. No burn, no pain. I also use it for when I wear dresses and skirts at work and I still don’t have to reapply it throughout the day. Which is the gold star winner here!

*** Disclaimer: Influenster did send me this product for reviewing purposes. All that is written about this product is 100% my honest opinion.***

If you are looking to figure out how to stop chafing, you really need to try the Dove’s Dry Spray which costs about $5.00. My next best option, is to get some off-spanx. At Walmart the best one is $12.64. No need to go out and buy a bunch of expensive things if there are affordable things that can do the job better.

How do you lovely ladies prevent chafing? And Does the powder work for you ladies?

Follow your dreams && never give up!!

XOXO, Alicia


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