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How To: Contour (Facial Structure)

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!

I know it has been a very long time since I posted anything. I have been stuck in a writing rut for awhile. I didn’t want to bore you guys to tears with the same posts.

This idea came to me because I have several people on my personal Facebook asking me to do a contour video. As I am a shy person, I will not film video tutorials anytime soon. However, I will try my best to explain this concept (with pictures of course).

* * * * * * * * * *

The significance of contouring is to bring shape and dimension to the face. When you put on your foundation, you are making your face one solid color; which makes your face look flat.  By contouring you are enhancing your own beautiful facial structure. It’s like skincare or makeup products, what works for one person might not work for you.

I have also found that there are a couple different ways to contour. You can contour to compliment your facial structure or contour to your facial shape. I know what you are thinking, “Alicia, isn’t facial shape and facial structure the same thing?” I think it depends on how you look at it.

Allow me to explain a little bit.

 Face Shape

When someone is talking about their face shape, they are talking about the actual shape of your face. There are six facial shapes: Oval, Square, Round, Heart, Long and Triangle.

Face Structure

When someone is talking about their face structure, they are talking about their facial bones.

Now that I have explained that, we need to talk about what to use. This is just as important as where to put the products!! If you don’t have the right tools or products it wont look right.

When picking out products you need to look at the brand and the color. Of course you can go for a more expensive brand but if you are just starting out in makeup I definitely would not try to use the expensive brands. That can set you up for a very bad experience with a very good, highly recommended brand. Some good cheap brands to start to play with is NYX Cosmetics and Maybelline.

Let’s talk about what colors you should pick. When contouring you are just creating an illusion of shadows and shadows are always dark. So unless you are trying to cosplay as a fairy, I wouldn’t get any pinks, blues, reds, etc. You want cool-toned browns. You don’t want any warm-tones to contour, which is why bronzers are not recommended for contouring (Bronzers are meant to warm up your face). Please do not use blush to contour with. I have seen several people running around with plush in the hollows of their cheeks.  Also, you should not get any product with any type of shimmer. Whatever you use should be matte!! Save your shimmer for you highlight!! I use Urban Decay’s Naked On The Run Palette to contour. I either use the eye shadows Fix or Dare.

There are a variety of products you can use to contour. Remember you can be creative with your products. I will list a couple things you can use to contour with.


(Less Dramatic)

  • Pressed Foundation Powder (recommended two shades darker than skin tone)
  •  Eye shadow
  • Loose Foundation Powder (recommended two shades darker than skin tone)
  • Bronzer (not recommended unless you are tan)


(More Dramatic and Intense)

  • Contour sticks
  • Contour pallettes
  • Two different foundation colors ( recommended two shades lighter, two shades darker than skin tone)
  • Two different concealers colors (same as foundation)


As I said earlier, it’s important that you get the proper tools to help you with your contouring process. If you use a brush with cream products, you will end up with very harsh edges if you have not mastered blending (I’m not going to say it’s impossible).

If you are wanting to try using liquid or cream products I would 110% say you should invest in some type of sponge. Whether it be the Beauty Blender, Real Techniques, or even our Younique Blending Buds. These aren’t like the cheap makeup sponges you get at Walmart that come in a bag of 100 or so (they don’t even feel the same). They are specifically designed and created to blend your makeup flawlessly. Not leave any streaks behind like makeup brushes can do.

If you are wanting to contour with powder you have a few options. There are several different brushes that you can use. The one I would recommend is an soft angled contour brush. I just find this is the easiest brush to contour with because you don’t have to worry as much about any harsh lines like you would with a regular contour brush. You don’t have to spend a lot of time blending (let’s face it, no one wants to blend for a long time). The one thing I like to use to contour my lower lip and nose is using an eye crease brush.

There are so many brushes you can use to contour it’s overwhelming. I will give you a few options you could potentially pick from: Pointed contour brush, Contour brush, Fan Brush, Tapered Brush, Harsh angled contour brush, and many more.

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What I have found in today’s makeup trends we just contour to our facial structure (this is what I do as well). I have also found when people explain how to contour most of them only explain how to contour your facial shape. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t see girls running around with their face shape contoured (or is it just me?). So I’ll explain how to contour your facial structure and be boss at it!!

Step one.

You need to be one with your facial structure. I mean, you kinda already are one with it… what I meant is that you need to find out where you need to contour. Take your fingers and find your cheek bones. Once you find your cheek bones you can take whatever desired brush and product you love and apply that product a couple hairs (yes, hairs) below your cheek bones. A good rule of thumb is to not bring your contour passed the arch of your brow. However, do what you think looks good and compliments your facial structure!

Another way you can do this: Take your brush and put it on the top of where your ear starts and line the brush up to the corner of your mouth. When you do this you actually want to start above where your brush lands. You don’t want to blend or start your contour too low on your face. Always, always, always blend up! Never blend down!

Step Two.

You can also contour around your temples and hairline to create the illusion that your forehead is smaller. I usually contour around my hairline because I have a sort of widows peak that I try to make less noticable.

Step Three.

The next thing is to contour the nose! This is when you need the eye crease brush or something small like make your nose thinner you will need to contour the sides of your nose. To make your nose look shorter, contour the bottom of it where the nostrils are. And to create the illusion of a button nose, you will have to round out the tip of your nose and blend it.

Step Four.

Everyone wants those luxurious Kylie Jenner lips, but who wants to spend money to look like someone else when God created you perfect the way you are? So embrace your beauty by just contour the bottom of your bottom lip (using the same small brush that you did on the nose). This creates the illusion of having a fuller lip.

Step Five.

Last but not least, you can also contour your jaw as well. This really helps define your face shape. I feel like this one is a little bit more explanatory. Just run your contouring brush along your jaw line. I don’t do this step because I don’t really feel like I need to make my jaw look “fleeked.”

When finishing your contour, you need to find the perfect highlight!! No contour job is finished without an awesome highlight!! Honestly, this is my favorite part about makeup. I absolutely love highlighting my face!! It brings your makeup together. Take a fan brush, or a tapered powder brush, and run the highlight along the highest points of your face (Cheek bones, Nose, Cupids Bow, Top of the Chin, and Underneath of Eyebrow).

Here is a little chart that I created of my face for you guys. Hopefully this helps a little bit!!

Untitled design

The darker circles is where you should contour. The lighter circles you should highlight.

* * * * * * * * * *

Now you should have a flawless looking face.. Or at least some knowledge that you can retain to help you get that flawless face! I really hope this helped someone!! Remember, this actually might not work for you. You might hate it. But I just wanted to share my words of wisdom with you!

I hope you guys have a fabulous day!

Follow your dreams && never give up!

xoxo, Alicia


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