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Younique Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation Review

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!!

As most of you know I am a Younique Presenter. And as a Younique Presenter I want to try out as much of Younique’s products as I can. I don’t want to sell anyone a product that I don’t like myself. So I have am taking it upon myself to try and review as many products from Younique as I can!


First up, the Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation! This is a liquid foundation that you apply to your face. As the name says it does have minerals within the product. For example, it has Dimethicone which helps protect the skin and gives a soft, velvety feel. This product is a full coverage liquid foundation that dries to a powdery finish.

The Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation comes in ten different shades. Scarlet, Organza, Velour, Taffeta, Chiffon, Satin, Cashmere, Velvet, Charmeuse, Cypress. You can purchase one in your shade for $39 USD. You can also purchase this foundation in two different collections. The Cloud Nine collection where you can get a Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette, a Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer, a Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick, a Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation, a Precision Brow Liner, a Precision Brow Gel, a Moodstrcuk 3D Fiber Lashes+, and a Younique Makeup Bag. All for $145 USD. Or you can get the Skin in the Game Collection which contains Illuminate, a Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation, a Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer, a Blending Buds, a Concealer Brush, Uplift Eye Serum, Divine Daily Moisturizer, and a Younique makeup bag. For $240 USD.

The packaging of the product is absolutely gorgeous. The entire glass container is frosted. It’s also very unique because the “cap” is actually a dropper and you just drop a few drops on your brush and then apply it to your face.

Lets talk about the product and how it holds up! The Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation I would say is very full coverage. I have a little bit of rosacea around my found and I like to cover it up, which is exactly what this foundation does. The finish of the product is actually really nice as well. Since it dries to a powdery finish, it gives you a semi matte finish. I say semi matte because I have noticed a little bit of a shine in the product. Which is not bad. I really like the finish. The product also blends very well. I did get a shade a little bit lighter for me, but I think it still blended into my neck pretty well. I have found that it is a lot easier to use a flat foundation brush to apply this foundation than it was to apply it with my Real Technique Stippling Brush.

On the Younique website it says that the Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation should last for about six to eight hours. I have found that after a six hour shift at work my foundation is semi-fresh looking. The website also says that the foundation also blurs imperfections and minimizes pores and wrinkles. And I have to completely agree with this. The foundation did minimize the look of my pores.

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While wearing this foundation I would get a lot of compliments on how amazing and beautiful my skin looked or how my makeup looks absolutely beautiful and very natural looking. I don’t know about you, but I also love when someone compliments my makeup skills.

Now onto the not so good parts about this foundation. I don’t have a lot to complain about with this foundation. After the six hours of wear time with this foundation, I noticed it get very shiny… too shiny for my comfort! It clings to any dry patches you do have. So you do have to make sure you moisturize and use a good primer! The last complaint I have is that it does leave lines around my mouth where I smile a lot. But I feel like I have that problem with every foundation.. So it’s not too big of a problem.

All in all, I do like this foundation! And I would repurchase it!

A closer look at the foundation:

A closer look at the Cloud Nine Collection:

A closer look at the Skin in the Game Collection:

Follow your dreams and never give up!

Love, Alicia


2 thoughts on “Younique Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation Review

  1. I love the way this foundation makes my skin feel too! So smooth. I also get shiny skin, but the primer makes such a huge difference!


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