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Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Makeup Tutorial | Halloween

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!!

Happy October 1st!! I have a very exciting tutorial for you guys! It’s not an everyday look, or even a look you would go out in at all. However, I wanted to do some not so normal tutorials. And this is one of them!

Ever since I was a little kid, I loved Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas! The songs, the scenes, and most of all the characters. I wish I could try to pull off a Zero, or Jack Skellington. But that would take some time to figure out. So I decided to go with Sally!

DSC_02392I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial!

The very first step for this tutorial is to make sure you start off with a clean face! You never want to apply makeup on a dirty face! Once you do you skin care routine, apply face primer on your face and eye primer on your eyes. That way you already have that out-of-the-way!

DSC_02252Now we are going to play with the scary colors for eye shadow! Blue shadows are definitely hard to work with. My tip for working with blues: have at least 4 different shades of blue on hand and blend until your little blending brush is screaming at you to stop! The first blue you want to apply is one of the neutral blues. Not dark, not light. Just blue. Apply that blue in the outer V of your lid with a crease brush.

Then you want to apply a lighter blue on the middle of your lid with a regular eyeshadow brush. When you are finished with the middle of the lid, it’s time for the inner corner! Take a small blending brush and apply the lighters blue to the inner corner and meet it up with the blue on the middle of your lid. Taking the same light blue eye shadow on a bigger blending brush, apply the shadow above the blue in your crease. Doing this step helps blend the crease shade out and help make your shadow transition smoother. After that, take your crease brush and apply a dark blue to the outer third of you eye lid. Make sure you blend everything in! you do not need any harsh lines that blue eye shadow tends to leave behind!


Apply a navy blue eyeliner near your upper lash line. And your finished with the eyes!

If you mess up, don’t worry! Start over and try again!

DSC_02312Now we are going to the face! You need to apply your foundation! I decided not to do blue skin because I don’t have the proper products for that, and I really like how this look looks with flesh tones.

You will probably need to conceal your dark circles and face demons. Rag dolls don’t have either.

DSC_02322Oops, I said we were done with the eyes, we aren’t actually. I actually put a white eyeliner in my waterline because we are supposed to be a doll. And everyone knows that Doll’s have big, circular eyes. I also took the white eyeliner and sketched out where I want to put my stitches that Sally has.

DSC_02332After outlining where you want your stitches, go ahead and fill the white eyeliner in with the blue eyeshadow. This is where I incorporated Sally’s blue skin tone. I also took the same blue eyeshadow to do the normal contouring around my face. Make sure you blend everything in!

When you are finished applying the blue shadow around your face. Apply black eye shadow where you applied the blue for the stitches.

DSC_02342Taking the same blue eyeshadow you contoured your face with, apply it around the areas you want your stitches. This adds some dimension to face and makes the stitches look raised a bit. Make sure you leave a little bit of space between the black lines and where you want the contour. I picked blue eye shadow for this because I want to implement Sally’s blue skin tone again. You can definitely do this with regular contouring shades for you regular makeup routine.

DSC_02362Now we are going to do the stitches, which isn’t very complicated. The first thing you need to do is take a black eyeliner or liquid liner and draw X’s \’s and /’s on top of the black lines you made on your face. After you made the stitches on you face you will want to add dimension to the stitches. Using the same blue eyeshadow you contoured your face with, apply it using a small detail or concealer brush. Make sure you go around all the edges of the stitches in a “u” shape if you are shading the stitches from the bottom, and a “n” shape if you are shading the stitches from the top. To add even more dimension to the stitches, take a white eyeliner and apply it to the center of the stitches to lift them up. Then add black shadow to the ends of the stitches.

Moving on to the lips!! Apply a wine red lip pencil or lipstick all over the lips. After we are finished with the wine red color, apply a black eyeliner or lip liner to the corners of your mouth. Make sure you blend the colors together! Remember blending is key!!

The last few things is to apply the blue eye shadow under your lower lash line with a blending brush. This helps create that Rag Doll circular eye that we want. After we finish with that, apply individual false lashes! Sally has some barbwire-looking eyelashes. So to recreate that we are going to space out the face lashes.


All you have to do now is get a wig, and get a Sally dress and you will be Sally from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas!! I don’t know how many times I have used this costume and makeup for parties and trick or treating! I would have to say probably five or six times!

I really hope you liked this tutorial and don’t mind that’s it’s not very usable for everyday life.

If you have any idea on what character I should try to conquer next, let me know!

Follow your dreams and never give up!!



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