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Makeup and Special Effects Haul | Makeup Monday

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!

I have done it again… I went and spent money on things I probably didn’t need. But you know what, at least I can try these products!! DSC_0131I went to Sephora and Spirit and purchased a few things. It’s really hard not buying the entire stores when you go in when you just get paid.. Am I the only one like this?

Just a little disclaimer for people who might be confused, Sephora does not sell the spirit products. I went to a Spirit store to purchase them.

DSC_0208 DSC_02052DSC_0209

I picked up this gorgeous little pallete in Sephora! It is my first official Naked pallete (besides the Naked On The Run Pallete) and I am glad it is. So I can actually play around with darker colors!!


Every Monday morning the JCPenney staff has a meeting inside Sephora and they tell us some information about products. One Monday morning there was a woman who told us about the Ole Henriksen skin care. She gave us some of the Serum on the back of the staffs hands. And it smelled great; Like oranges! And then she layered the Sheer Transformation moisturizer. And it made my one hand sooo soft!! So I had to purchase the Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders!

I also purchased two Sephora cream shadows because I know I will need some paints and shadows for an assignment I have coming up for my course. So I figured I would grab the shadows while I could. I also needed a nude lip pencil for the course as well.

The last thing I purchased from Sephora was the Beauty Blender. Yes, Yes. I know. I am late to jump on board the band wagon. But I had to at least see what all the hype was about!!

DSC_0130The two things I bought in Spirit is probably necessities for future looks. I needed a set of tools specifically for special effects makeup. Like the pallete knife and the stippling sponges. So I figured I would pick up this cheap little kit to get me started. The other thing I got is a scary product. Spirit Gum. It doesn’t sound scary, but I have hurt some pretty bad stories with Spirit Gum.. I’m sure it’s not as scary as the horror stories.

Sometimes I really hate that my Employee Discount works inside Sephora. Because there are sooo many products that I want to try! I am restraining myself not to buy the entire store! And every time I work in Misses (which is right beside Sephora) I always take a peak in Sephora and want everything! It’s pretty bad…

I think I have a problem…

I hope you guys have had a great day!! Question of the Night: What products are you loving right now? And anything I should try?

Follow your dreams and never give up!!



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