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Extremist / Vegas Smokey Eye Assignment | RPM Makeup Academy

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!!

How are you guys this fine night? I’m pretty good and I’m even better now, because I am progressing though my online course!

Just a recap on what this course is about. This course I am taking, is an online makeup course. I have to submit makeup looks (like one below) into my instructor Rain Andreani. She tells me what she liked and what she thinks I need to work on. I enrolled to do advanced beauty makeup with Special Effects. Whenever, I complete my course I will get mailed a certificate to show I completed the course.

This time our task was to do a Vegas smokey eye! Something I didn’t think I would like in a million years. But I really do like this look, and I have actually worn this look out more than once! Its fun, and pretty!

DSC_0213 DSC_0216Capture

I am moving right along with this class. Actually, not really. I am doing it very slow, but I am completing it!! The next assignments is airbrush makeup!! I am excited for these next couple assignments!!

I hope you are having a great night!!

Follow your dreams and never give up!



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