Infinity Dreams Award!

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!!

First of all, I want to apologize to the FunLovinTravelers. They nominated me for this awhile back. I just now had the time to sit down and write. I would also like to thank them for being kind enough to nominate me for this award!

So the Infinity Dreams Award is where someone shares seven dreams they have or would like to do. Then at the very end of the post, you nominate seven new people to do the award. Soo.. Let dive right into these seven dreams!

1. I would like to eventually get married!
Of course this would be my number one, right? But I would like to elaborate on my dream engagement and wedding. I would like to go to Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom with the person I love and I would love if he would “pop the question” right in front of Cinderella’s Castle…. Or inside of it.. Ohhh, and have a hidden photographer as well! Our wedding would be at the Disney Pavillion in my Alfred Angelo Disney inspired wedding

dress!! I know, I know… BIG dreams! However, even if this doesn’t happen, I would be happy either way! Because I would be with the person I love the most!

2. I would love to go traveling around different countries!
I couldn’t choose just one country! there are so many countries I would love to go to!

3. I would like to have a role in a movie!
I love acting so I’m sure a lot of people already know about this. Even if it’s just a small role, I would love to go to a screening that I was actually in!

4. I would like to complete a full marathon!
No, I don’t mean a Pretty Little Liars marathon. I mean a 26.2 mile marathon! I love participating in races. they are so much fun!

5. I would love to get a pink Walt Disney World Coast to Coast medal.
To get the pink Coast to Coast medal you have to complete the RunDisney Tinkerbell Half Marathon and the RunDisney Princess Half Marathon in the same calender year! And I will complete both of them one year!

6. I would love to have a role in any play on Broadway.
This goes back to number 3. I love to act! I wouldn’t mind just being a tree or a rock! As long as I could say “Yes, I was that rock in (insert play here) on Broadway!”

7. I would like to have some type of positive impact in the world!
It doesn’t even have to be a big impact! I would take a very small impact. Just enough for someone to say “Do you remember Alicia Stephenson?” and someone else say “Yes, I do! She was that nice lady that (Insert positive impact here).” That would just make my entire life!

Now that I told you my dreams, I am going to break the rules a bit and will nominate a two people for this award!

Alec John Belle


I would like to thank the FunLovinTravelers again for nominating me for this award!! And I hope everyone has a great day!!

Follow your dreams and never give up!!



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