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What’s In My Suitcase

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!!

I am so stinking excited! But also very, very nervous! As you are reading this, I am probably on the road to (or already in) Orlando, Florida for the RunDisney Expedition Everest Challenge. If you didn’t know, back in my 25 Days of Christmas post I said something about how my family and I registered for this race. It was a lot of headache, but I’m so glad everything worked out in the end!! We are only staying for 3 days due to my brother having school. But those 3 days will be enough to have plenty of fun with my family! I’m sure I will be taking lots of pictures as well!

Anyways, On to the main focus of this blog post – packing! Now I am a bit iffy when it comes to packing. When it comes to packing up the everything and moving house, I absolutely despise it. However when it comes to packing for a vacation, I am 100% ready to go. Now please don’t judge me, but I packed my things a week in a half before the actual trip.. I just get so excited when I go somewhere. I made a list of things to take It’s not the most organized list, but it works for me.

Packing for Florida

So let’s jump right into my suitcase!

* * * * * * * *

Skincare for Florida!


Let’s start with the very, very top. Which would be skincare and deodorant. I am trying out the Truist skincare right now, so I will report back to you if I like it at all!

Perfume and Face Wash for Florida


The next thing is lotion, face wash, and my favorite perfume.

Hygiene Stuff


And then the just random things I might need down there. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, makeup wipes, eye makeup remover, cotton pads, and Q-tips!



Of course, I packed makeup!! And I probably over-packed on the makeup category…

Outfit #1 for Florida Sleeping outfit for Florida Swimming Outfit for Florida

I absolutely love the outfit I put together for Saturday (first picture). And I also packed some pajamas and a swim suit. However, there is not a pool where we are staying. There is a Hot Tube!

RunDisney Costume Running Shoes

Also, I packed my RunDisney Expedition Everest Challenge outfit.

Other Stuff Packed

I packed Uno because me and my family always stay up late playing card games when we are together. It is actually amazing!! I also packed KT Tape and my ankle brace. I also backed undergarments and socks, but I figured I didn’t need to show those.

I also packed a few things for the road. I have my phone, tablet, 3DS, and notebooks to keep me occupied, with all the chargers to the electronics. I’m taking my good camera as well to take pictures.

* * * * * * * *

I’m pretty sure I have over packed because I usually do. But I’d rather over pack than to under pack and be without something. it’s probably a good thing that we are driving to Orlando, Florida! What is something you cannot go without when you are on Vacation? Something I cannot go without is probably my skincare products. I don’t care if I bring any makeup. But if I cannot wash my face properly after the day has ended, I would probably go insane. Thank you so much for reading!!

Follow your dreams and never give up!!



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