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RunDisney Expedition Everest Challenge Running Costume Complete!

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!

I hope you are having a wonderful day! I know that my running costume for the Expedition Everest Challenge is complete, I am having a wonderful week! If you have been following me on Instagram (If you’re not, click here and follow me), you would have seen sneak peeks of my running costume already!

**warning: very picture heavy!**

Whenever I did the RunDisney Princess Half Marathon (a year ago) I did a rough sketch of the Sully Costume, on what looks to be a shopping list for cake. However, I decided I wanted to be Elsa instead, a month before the race.

Run Disney Sully Costume - sketch

But when my family signed up for this race, I knew I wanted to be Sully from Monster’s Inc. because I always loved the movie. Also, I knew everyone would be Yeti’s, and I kinda thought the Yeti reminded me of the Abominal Snow-man in Monster’s Inc. So I did a better sketch of the costume a few months ago.

DSC_0126 (2) DSC_0125 (2)


And now, after two short months, I have finished the costume! And it come out cuter than I thought it would! So after all this introduction, Here is my RunDisney Expedition Everest Challenge Running Costume!

* * * * * * * *

Run Disney Sully Costume Shirt - Front RunDisney Sully Costume Shirt - Back


I had this shirt when I was running as Elsa in the RunDisney Princess Half Marathon. I also I had a sparkle tutu that got sparkles everywhere! So I wouldn’t be surprised if I had blue sparkles on this shirt still. However, I turn Elsa into Sully by adding the purple speckled duct tape everywhere, except the belly area.


RunDisney Sully Costume Pants - Front RunDisney Sully Costume Pants - Back


I also had these pants since I ran as Elsa. So there are probably blue specks of glitter on the pants. To turn these pants from Elsa, The Snow Queen, to Sully, The Top Scare-er on the Scare floor, I took Purple speckled duct tape and put them all over the pants.

RunDisney Sully Costume Tail


This is a pretty sketchy tail. I had an orange tail that I bought for a Halloween costume. So I wrapped it up in tulle, sewed  on the horns I made, and put purple speckled duct tape on it! It turned out awesome!

RunDisney Sully Costume Tutu


I might apply tape to the tutu as well. Just so the tutu matches the outfit a bit better.

RunDisney Sully Costume5


Okay, So I know that this is green.. But I thought it was super cute and I just had to have it for my costume! I also didn’t think I could paint is blue without it looking like a mess… So I just left it green. But the best part is, If you squeeze the right purple paw (The strings handing down) the arms on the head lift up!! I couldn’t picture it properly, but it is super cute!

* * * * * * * *

I would say I am super excited about the race that is in three days. However, my anxiety has been really bad since Monday and I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep because of it. I hope that the day of the race it isn’t too bad, because my costume is super-duper cute! So I am excited/very nervous about the race.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post! Also, who is your favorite Monster’s Inc. character? Thanks for reading!!

Follow your dreams and never give up!!



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