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Prom Night Tips (From My Experiences)

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!!

It feels so weird not going prom dress shopping with my best friend. If you read my Junior prom experience and tips, then you would know that for the past four years my best friend and I have tried on prom dresses (Freshmen-Senior years). You would also know that my former high school only allowed Juniors and Seniors to go (unless an upperclassman asked an underclassman). So It feels very weird not going this year. Don’t get me wrong, we still could. But we kinda feel bad about trying on prom dresses when we aren’t going to prom.

Anyways, onward to what this post is actually about – My Senior prom experience and the things I learned. This time we wanted to make it the best since the event would never happen again.

* * * * * * * *

Senior year was the best year for me! Easy classes, fun classes, no drama from former friends, awards, certificates, and a double late in (I didn’t have to go to class until 3rd block, 4 blocks in a day). It was amazing. So me and my best friend wanted to make our final prom night as amazing as our senior year, and we did just that!

DSCF9283(2)We started thinking of what we wanted to do individually in January, so when the time came we could start planning together. We bought our dresses in February, which was pretty early for a May prom. But we knew that these were the dresses! We started planning together in March, and we decided to go with a group again. It wasn’t as big of a group as Junior year, but it was a decent size.

Tip #4: Think about what you want to do early on in the planning. If you know what you really want to do something earlier on, you can tell the group and you guys can decide what you want to do together as a group! Remember: you might have to compromise with the group if everyone doesn’t agree. Also make sure you can get a hold of everyone! If you personally can’t talk to the person, there is a chance that someone will tell them the wrong thing.

Once we figured out our group we wanted to get everyone together to talk about what everyone wanted to do. Our group only had one “meeting” and it went horrible. We went to Downtown Charleston, which was a bad idea to begin with. The streets and shops are always busy. And there are many different distractions. We only really talked about it once and that was at a very cheap pizza diner we went to. We ordered our food and sat down to talk. We did come to an agreement that we all wanted a limo or party bus but that was it, little steps though!  When the food came, we just ate.

Tip #5: If you want to plan something out with a group go to a small cafe or somewhere you wont get distracted much. Also, if some people cannot attend then make sure they are caught up on what is up in the air for that night. It’s okay if you cannot make a silly, little meeting about Prom. It’s just easier to talk and make plans face to face.

Since the first meeting was a bit of a failure, my best friend and I decided we should just make a Facebook message, so we could reach most of the people and talk about ideas. You can also use the group message to talk about having another meeting. We tried to have meeting, but we never did. I kinda just got tired of not planning anything so I just went to the mall with my best friend and we started coming up with ideas, and later shared the ideas with everyone in the group. We were talking about places to take pictures and my best friend was like “I know the perfect place to take picture at! I drive over there in a few days, take pictures of the place, and send them to the group.” It was the perfect place to take pictures as well!! It was absolutely beautiful!! Everyone in the group had their input where to take photos are well. We had a couple of suggestions: Downtown at the Battery, Beach, and Shem Creek. And a few factors went into choosing the location: How many people would be there, Weather conditions, Would our dresses get very dirty, How far away the place was from everyone, How far away from the restaurant was from the place, How far away the place was from where Prom was being held, and How pretty the scenery was. Ultimately everyone liked the place we went to – Daniel’s Island. We figured no downloadone would go take pictures there, so it wouldn’t be crowded, The scenery had pretty landscapes, playgrounds, and it had a pier. It wasn’t too far from the restaurant we were eating at. It would be the same distance for everyone. And the pictures that my best friend took, the place didn’t look like we would get our dresses dirty at all! We gave everyone the address to the picture place we choose, the day before prom so everyone had it.

Tip #6: Come up with several ideas that you might want to do. That way your group has more choices to choose from. Also make sure to voice your opinion. If you don’t like something, speak up! Don’t be the person that wants to change the entire plan the last-minute! I promise you will not hurt anyone’s feelings if you tell them you don’t like something.

The next thing we did was figure out what everyone wanted to do afterwards. I am thankful that no one really suggested we go to a prom house, because I am not a prom house type of person. As a group we came up with two different options: The group could split up after dinner and do whatever they wanted or go bowling together. That was the only two things that the group came up with. As a group we all said we would go bowling. The only thing left to do was to plan our individual  appointments and go to prom! Everything was planned and set. Until a week or two before prom someone messaged us saying they didn’t want a limo anymore. And then once someone said they didn’t, someone else didn’t. I was frustrated because this was the frist thing everyone agreed to. But everyone decided against the limo and to just car pull.

Two or three weeks I decided to use the Jergen’s lotion self tanner to tan. I figured that it would be best if I used the Jergen’s lotion than getting a spray tan because of the possibility of looking orange. With the Jergen’s lotion it was very gradual and if I started to look orange I could stop.  The day before prom my best friend, her friends, and I went to go get our nails done. I also decided to just get a pedicure, because I wanted to do my nails myself. So after I got home I did my nails and they turned out good!! The day of prom I was so excited! Everyone knew the plans, I got to sleep in until noon, and it was my Senior Prom! I made two appointments for myself that day: Hair and makeup. Both of my appointments were in the afternoon. My hair appointment at 1:30 and my makeup right after. My makeup appointment ran a little over because the makeup artist at Ulta was working so long on my eyebrows. But once I finished I went to my best friend’s house and got ready.

download (1)Tip #7: Don’t pay for anything you don’t have to pay for. This was something I found out the day of prom. Junior year I did my own makeup for prom. Senior year I wanted someone else to do it for me because I didn’t want to feel rushed and I didn’t have enough makeup to do it. The makeup I got done at Ulta looked good in pictures, but I didn’t like it at all. I wish I would have just bought some makeup and did it myself. But at least I got compliments and my pictures turned out good. But if you can do your makeup, nails, tan, or hair. Just do it yourself. It is a lot cheaper!!

When we were ready to go my mom and her parents got in one car, and my best friend and I got into her car. We drove to the place where we wanted pictures and called the other half of the group. They were in a BiLo parking lot in Mount Pleasant waiting for us. Somewhere there was miscommunication or something. Because we never said anything about a BiLo parking lot in Mount Pleasant. Seriously, where in the world is there to take pictures in a BiLo parking lot, or any parking lot really.. We even gave everyone the address from the park where everyone agreed to take pictures. Anyways, we didn’t let that get us down. It was just one thing that didn’t go right, and our pictures turned out good. So I wasn’t too bothered by it. Once my best friend and I finished picture-taking, we went to the restaurant, Burton’s Grill. This was 100 times better than Junior year’s prom dinner. It wasn’t too expensive, the food was great, and there wasn’t any shrimp tossing! So everyone was sitting down for dinner and it was pretty awkward because the other half of the group didn’t show up for pictures, they went to Shem Creek for pictures I believe. But once everyone started talking about and saying how much we loved each other’s dresses and stuff it was turning out to be okay. But then there was talk about going to Skyzone after prom (Skyzone is an indoor giant trampoline place, have to have parental consent or someone who is 18 or older to sign forms). If there is one thing anyone should know about me, it’s that I had when plans are being changed from the original. And since I was the only person in the group who was 18 I didn’t want anyone to ask me to sign anything. Especially since the group didn’t agree to anything about Skyzone. Also, I have a kinda, sorta short fuse for stuff like this. And I was getting so frustrated that they were trying to change plans I kinda, sorta said something to them. But I didn’t raise my voice, I didn’t bring attention to the table, or anything. All I said was “So, you guys are going to Skyzone afterwards?” You could tell I was frustrated.

Tip #8: Don’t ever, ever, ever change the plans the last-minute. I said this on the first post. But it’s not just for the group, it’s also for your parents as well.

Download (3)

Anyways they decided against going. But the food was really good!!! After food, we went to Shem Creek to walk around. It was okay, very windy. Afterwards we went to prom and danced our little hearts out. It was amazing, and so were the sweets!! My best friend and I stayed at prom until midnight, we were dancing and singing and having a blast! Seriously, when we left there was only about 15-30 people left. The other half of the group left a bit earlier than we did and they were trying to make us leave but since it was our last prom, we wanted to stay as long as we could. Afterwards we called the group and asked if they were gonna go bowling with us but apparently they had a curfew that we didn’t know about. But we went into the bowling alley and found other friends we knew and kinda merged into their group for the night. We only played one game because after that game it was already 12:40 something and we were exhausted. So I went home with my best friend, we got home around 1 AM-ish and it turned into a sleep over. We got in our PJ’s and began watching Finding Nemo. By 2 AM-ish I was asleep on the couch.

Tip #9: Make sure your group knows that you have to be home at a certain time. Everyone has a curfew, ours was 1AM. If you don’t tell your group about your curfew, then you will probably get into trouble and your group thinks they have more time than they actually do. When your group

Tip #10: I would also like to mention that you might want to bring makeup with you so you can touch up throughout the night. If you are wearing a bold lip, make sure you bring that lipstick! Or at least make sure it’s long-lasting and last throughout the night!

Tip #11: Take silly photos!! You will thank yourself later if you do! They are fun and when you look back at them you will laugh!

download (2)

Even if there were some things that went wrong I still had so much more fun my Senior Prom. I wasn’t sick and my best friend and I actually got to do things afterwards! I really wish I could have a night like this again. It was amazing. I kinda just want to get dressed up in my prom dress and go bowling again. That was so much fun!!

I really do hope you find any of these tips useful!! And the last tip, is to just have fun!! This event only happens once or twice. So make the best of it! It’s a blast even if you are an introvert as well! Also, I would like to mention that I did like everyone in the group. It was just their decisions that made me frustrated, not them.

* * * * * * * *

Are you going to prom? You should definitely tell me your prom plans! I love hearing about other people’s prom plans. If you already went to prom, then what were your plans? Happy Prom-ing!!

Follow your dreams and never give up!!



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