I Won a Giveaway??

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!

Back in early December I entered a giveaway. It wasn’t a makeup giveaway, but it was something even better, books! Independent author, Nikki Rae, opened up this giveaway and I entered. I do not have any luck what-so-ever. I mean, I did sprain my ankle while working at a haunted house on Halloween. So I wasn’t expecting to win. But when Nikki emailed me and told me I was the winner of the huge giveaway she was doing, I was so happy!!

First of all I have to say, Nikki Rae is probably one of the nicest people I have talked to online. I emailed her to ask her about the package and she was actually very nice and up front with me. I really hope I didn’t come across as rude in my emails!

DSC_0012 (2)


In this box there was a whole bunch of things! Seeing as how it is February now and I entered this giveaway back in December, I forgot what all there was. However, this is what was in the box:

DSC_0067 (2)



There was a whole bunch of sweets, which I love. Any day I get to eat candy, it’s a good day! There was also Pocky, tea, pocket napkins, a rubber duck, bath salt, a red cup, hot chocolate, stickers, a really pretty writing pen, and a whole bunch of vampire teeth. It’s a bunch of random items! But it actually made me smile, which I kinda needed. And then there was the good stuff!!

DSC_0081 (3)Yup, books and “author swag” as Nikki likes to call it. She sent a book by one of her favorite authors: Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs. Then she sent two books that she wrote and published: Sunshine and The Donor. The two books that she wrote she signed! Which is really cool!! and then she sent her business card, post-it notes, a notebook, post cards and bookmark. She also signed the Notebook, post cards, and bookmark. She didn’t have to but she did.

If you want to know a little bit more about this awesome author go over to her blog. If you wanna follow what she is doing and what she will be writing next go to her Twitter and Facebook page. If you wanna see her videos check out her YouTube channel!

Blog: Http://

Twitter: @NikkiRaexX

Facebook: Nikki’s Facebook Page

YouTube: Nikki Rae

I can’t wait to read these new books that she sent to me. My friend keeps telling me how awesome her books are and now I have two books to read to see if he is right!

Follow your dreams and never give up!




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