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I’m Still Indecisive…

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much recently, I haven’t been feeling well. I have been sleeping throughout the entire day. I don’t think the cold weather is helping either. Hopefully it warms up soon!

Back in November, I made a post about how I am indecisive about what to major in for college (I’m Indecisive…). By the end of the post, I kinda talked myself into studying Film Production and then going back for Cosmetology. I figured if I made it “official” and shared what I thought with people, I would stick with it.

Two months have passed since I clicked the “Publish” button on that post and I am second guessing myself again. In the post I’m Indecisive… I was stuck between two majors: Cosmetology and Film Production. Now, I have no idea what I want to do.

If I major in Cosmetology, I have a few options on which way I can go. I can do hair, nails, and massage therapy. And the more established I become in any of these fields, I can try to own my own salon one day. I can also further my education and become a professional makeup artist. I can take classes for special effects makeup or just regular beauty makeup. To be perfectly honest, if I do choose Cosmetology I will probably further my education to become a professional makeup artist. And I have a really fun shop idea that I could possibly open up in the future. Cosmetology would be fun to do because I would be doing what I love, making someone else look beautiful. However, people are very particular about their hair, nails, and makeup. . If you do not do these things perfectly or exactly like the picture they will be very mad. I can’t even handle my mom when she is mad, I have no idea how I will handle random people when they are mad!

If I major in Film Production, I have a few option I can choose but it’s basically the same thing if you think about it. I can film TV shows, Movies, Short Films, Documentaries, Screen Writing, and Producing. The only reason I want to actually do this, is so I can make short films. It would be so much fun to actually sit and create silly short films that I could submit to film festivals. However, I could make short films on my down time as a cosmetologist.

I have tried talking to people about this, and they tell me the same thing “Do what you love.” Or “Do what you want to do.” But that’s the problem, I don’t know what I want to do. Ultimately, I think I’m very indecisive because my Senior year of high school I took two college classes, English 101 and College Government, and I got a D in both of my classes (my first time ever getting a D in high school). I know what you are thinking “Alicia, English 101 and College Government are easy!! How did you get a D?” I will have to agree with you. Looking back on it now, these classes are pretty simple, but I never showed up because I was in the process of moving to another house. There was no way that I could move all my stuff out of my house in a month and go to school. So I never had time to study or put in 100% of my time to do my homework. However after I finished moving houses, I did ace my finals in both of my classes!

I just don’t want to go to college, spend all my money on classes, and fail them. I know that I didn’t pass those classes because of moving houses. But deep down, I feel like if I go take college classes again, I will fail all of them because I don’t have the “intelligence” to pass any of the classes. It might just be my nerves (you know, trying something new for the first time is scary) or it might be because of my experience with the first two college classes. Hey, it might actually be a mixture of both!

Right now I’m leaning towards the cosmetology major. Have you went to Cosmetology school? Or know anyone that has been to Cosmetology school? Did they like it?  Do they have any advise?

Follow your heart and never give up!!



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