“Typical White Girl”

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!

I have been thinking about what my brother said to me a few weeks ago. He told me that I do not help the girl stereotype.

I do not help the girl stereotype because I love makeup. I love cute baby animals, I love the colors pink and purple. I love little specs of glitter. I love all things Disney. I love my caramel white chocolate mocha frappuccino at Starbucks. I do not help the girl stereotype because I absolutely love anything red velvet. I love dressing up. I love Chick Flicks. I want someone to sweep me off my feet and I would love to get my “Happily Ever After.”

Basically what every “typical white girl” would like.

But my question is:

Why is this such a bad thing?

Why is it, when a girl walks down the street with a Starbucks cup in her hand people automatically think she is a “typical white girl?” Whether you are a female or male, Starbucks is delicious and horrible at the same time. The only “bad” things about Starbucks should be the calories you are putting into your body and the ridiculous prices.

Makeup is another thing that is almost frowned upon, and it shouldn’t be. I see a lot of pictures floating around Facebook where there are before makeup and after makeup pictures of beauty gurus with text similar to “This is why I don’t trust girls.” We don’t do makeup to “hide” who we really are; makeup does not change our personality. Yes, some girls want to get “dolled up” on a daily basis. No, it’s not to impress the male population. It’s mostly because we enjoy doing makeup and have fun doing it. Another thing that is okay, is if you do not want to wear makeup, or wearing as minimal makeup as you can.

With or without makeup everyone is beautiful.

I know that the saying “typical white girl” is suppose to be funny. However, no one likes stereotyping and it’s not funny. To me, stereotyping is a form of discrimination and/or bullying. And bullying is a very touchy subject for me. Whenever someone says “Typical white girl” they are saying it to put someone or something down.

I am almost scared to tell people the girly things I like to do because I do not want to be stereotyped as a “typical white girl.” I want to be Alicia, the girl who writes those blogs on the Internet. Or Alicia, my awesome best friend. Or maybe some day Alicia, my adorable, loving wife.

I shouldn’t be scared to tell people I love doing makeup, or to meet me at Starbucks after I catch up on the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars. And neither should anyone else.

Follow your dreams and never give up!!



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