My Trip to West Virginia

As some of you may know, I went up to West Virginia for Christmas. Let me tell you, It is a long drive from South Carolina to West Virginia. We were cramped in a 2005 Mustang convertible. There were three people in the car with a huge Afghan Hound in the back seat. We also had snacks, games, books, and blankets in the floor boards of the car for the trip.

We left our house in South Carolina around three in the morning Christmas Day. It was a cool 70 degrees Fahrenheit when we left. For the first few hours, it was pretty boring: Dark, scary, and mysterious. Never knowing what might come out of the woods. However once the sun came up over the North Carolina hills, it was absolutely beautiful! I finally felt safe enough to go to the bathroom. When I got out of the car, I was freezing! It had to be, at most, 60 degrees. I also had to let the dog stretch his legs and use the bathroom. So when I got into the car I cranked the heat up. Of course that made my dog extremely hot, so we turned the heat down.

There are positives that weigh out the negatives through the drive. You get to see pretty scenic areas. In North Carolina you have Carowinds and Charlotte. In Virginia you have huge farms on the side of the road with horses and cattle. You will occasionally see a pretty house on the side of the road. In West Virginia you have huge, gorgeous mountains. Also, you drive through two tunnels.

Once we started driving up the first big mountain, our ears started popping. If you have never experienced this before, it is the worst! If you have had your head under water, it almost like that. It’s very annoying.

We got to my grandparent’s house around 10:00 AM. We unpacked the car, and then we were off again. We went my aunt’s house to have Christmas Dinner with everyone (my aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents, second cousins, my mom and my brother). It was a full house! Everything was going great and then my cousin’s fiancée got a call from the hospital. They wanted her to go in right away because they were going to induce her!

You could see everyone’s faces, they were all surprised. The doctor didn’t want her to go in until the next day. Everyone ate their dinner and my cousin and his fiancée went to the hospital. I was caught off guard because his fiancée asked me if I was coming to the hospital to see and hold the baby. I told her I wasn’t sure. But she told me I was for sure holding her child. It caught me off guard because I just met her that day! She didn’t know me at all. I couldn’t help but smile and say “Okay!”
Once they left, I started playing with her little girl. I call her my Disney buddy because we went to Disney World together back in June. I played with her until she got tired. Then everyone started playing Apples to Apples. The only thing I can say about that is “Oh my goodness!” It was a lot of fun!!

7:00 PM rolled around and everyone was getting tired. So we left and visited my dad, grandma, and uncle. It was great seeing them! We talked and talked but had to leave around 9 because my dad had to go to work.

Once we got back to my grandparents house, we changed our clothes and went straight to bed! We got up and received many text messages about the new baby! Aiden Ryan was born on December 26th, 2014 at 12:39 AM. We went to go see them around 1:00 PM. He was so precious! I am not going to post any pictures of the baby for the family’s privacy!

I have no idea about anyone else, but whenever I hold a newborn baby it’s absolutely magical! You are holding a six to eight pound person in your arms. You can feel him/her breath, in your arms. Every little move he/she makes you just want to say “Awhhhhh!!” The way the newborn baby smells is absolutely amazing. The newborn baby’s skin is super soft. You can even talk to the newborn baby, even though he/she cannot understand you, they smile like they do understand you. It almost makes you want to have a baby, but then you realize there are so many responsibilities to go along with having children. One day I will have one, but that day is not today!

The next day, I went to go see my other grandparents. It was great seeing them as well! We went into their store by surprise. They had no idea we were even in West Virginia. My grandfather gave us a huge hug, he didn’t want to let us go! We got to talking and then my step-grandmother came into the store! You could see her face light up as well. She gave us all hugs and asked us how we were doing. And then she looked at me and said “Do you really do all the makeup I see on your blog?” And I said “Of course!” We also got to see their ponies!


20141229_191955 20141229_19250820141229_192454


I absolutely love these horses! There was one pony that was licking me like a dog! It was hilarious! The light-colored one was recently born in May 2014. He was still a bit skittish, but not too bad! After we visited them for a while, we went back to my other grandparents house – where we have been staying.

We didn’t do too much after that. We hung out with my grandparents that we were staying with for the most part. We did go to Tutor’s Biscuit World. Which is absolutely amazing! And went to return some gifts because it wouldn’t work for my tablet. Other than that we didn’t do much.

Here are some other pictures we took on our vacation:




I had a great time seeing my family! I really hope I get to do it again!! I’m sure they do too!!

Follow your dreams and never give up!!



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