New Year, New Me

As 2014 creeps to an end and we say “Happy New Year!” It’s time to think about New Year Resolutions. I have thought about what all I want to change for myself. There are a lot of things I do want to change. Whether it is for myself or for this blog. I know a lot of people (Me included) say they want to do a complete one hundred and eighty degree turn around. But they get frustrated because they don’t see results from it and start going back to the way they use to be. However, I am going to stick with what I am going to change for the new year! I have two lists I have written on paper for the things I want to do for this coming year.

Starting with my blog: I actually want to start doing more things on my blog and I have a few posts I want to start writing. One of the the posts being makeup reviews. I haven’t fully decided how I am going to do this, whether I want to do these posts once or twice a month. I might just do them once a month. Moving forward with the makeup topic, I want to post more makeup looks. What I mean by makeup looks is normal and odd makeup. Normal being like everyday makeup and odd being like creative or inspired looks that I want to try. The odd makeup looks could be considered Halloween/costume makeup, I really want to broaden my horizons in this direction of makeup.

If you guys have read my Sixteenth Day of Christmas post, you will know that me and my mom signed up for the RunDisney Expedition Everest Challenge. This race consists of a 5k (three miles) course with obstacles in the middle of the course. After the 5k there is a scavenger hunt part that you need to finish before you get into the After Party at Animal Kingdom. Since this is a timed event, I want to start training for this. So I will be blogging my times and exercises to keep me motivated to keep training. I will also blog about my costume ideas for this event. Even after this event is over I still want to keep training; so I will be able to do these kinds of races all the time!

Now that I told you what I want to do with my blog. I want to talk about what I want to change for myself. The first thing I really want to do is get a job. Since I missed class scheduling for Trident, I want to get a job to make some money. I have already sent in an application into Ulta. If that doesn’t work out I might have to apply to other places. Fingers crossed for Ulta though!

Another thing I want to do is eat healthier. I’m not sure if you know this but a few months ago I started working out and eating healthy. But then our refrigerator went out and I twisted my ankle. It was just a mess! But I am going to get a good ankle brace to support my ankle and then try working out that way. This also plays a part in the Expedition Everest Challenge I will be doing in May! So this is something that I need to keep up with so I can progress in my training!

These are my New Year’s Resolutions! I hope I can stick with it and don’t hurt myself while doing it! I really hope 2015 is a good year! 2014 you have been amazing! Thank you for all the laughs, cries, joyful, and sad moments! I hope everyone stays safe throughout New Years!

Follow your dreams and never give up!!



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