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On the Eighteenth Day of Christmas

Every year around Christmas time I get together with my friends and try to throw a Christmas party. However, this year I started planning a little late and everyone already had plans. Which was kind of a bummer because the Christmas party last year was pretty fun!! But hey, things happen!

**Warning: There are lots of pictures ahead!!**

This past Tuesday (December 16th), I decided to invite my best friend of five years to hangout at my house. When she pulled up in my driveway my dogs, three big dogs, started going crazy!! This might be because she hasn’t come over in a long time, but she had to come in the back way. We left them outside while she was here (It wasn’t cold out at all).

Once she came in we exchanged gifts. Mind you, we never talked about exchanging gifts, so I was caught off guard. However, I did pick something up for her already because I absolutely love giving gifts! I bought her a Paris Amour fragrance spray from Bath and Body Works and the Strawberry Treats Gift Cube from The Body Shop that included Strawberry Shower Gel (2.0 fl oz) Strawberry Body Puree (2.0 fl oz) and a Red Mini Bath Lily. I ran out of time to wrap the gift so I just handed it to her, I don’t think she minded that much. After I gave her my gift, she gave me a big Versona bag (She didn’t wrap my present either, haha!). I opened the Versona bag to find a very cute brown purse. It feels like very nice quality! And there is a lot of room in it!! I haven’t really been into the Versona store, but another friend has told me about it.

20141218_131440     20141218_131500

After we exchanged gifts we started making cookies, this could be considered a complete fail or a win, maybe both? We turned on the Michael Bublé station from Pandora and started making Christmas cookies! We made regular chocolate chip cookies and salted caramel cookies, they were both very good!! I only had one Wilton Christmas cookie pan that we used to put the cookie dough into.  After we filled up the cookie pan, we started making our own shapes. It took us forever to come up with some Christmas themed shapes. But when we were finished baking cookies, we started coming up with ideas for cookie shapes.



After cooking we were going to watch Elf, the best Christmas movie ever! But it was already 6:30 when we turned it on, so we decided to leave for the Festival of Lights. We stopped by Chick-fil-a because she was hungry and we had already ate when she got there. When we stopped there we ran into one of our friends we went to school with. Being the person I am, I got out of the car and hugged him. In my defense, I haven’t seen him since Graduation (June 2014). We then turned on her GPS and started going to the Festival of lights. Somehow her GPS took us to Folly Beach, which is a few miles away from the Festival of Lights. So we got lost… It seems like a going thing to get lost together, it’s happened 2 other times as well.. However, we make the best of it!!

We finally make it to the Festival of Light, and it was a blast!! I mean making the cookies was a blast as well, but this was really fun! We did some interpretive dancing, took lots of pictures, made fools of ourselves, watched lights dancing with music, looked at elaborate sand sculptures, looked at art paintings the local schools did, and looked around all the shops! It was very fun!!

20141216_19301320141216_212751 20141216_195025 20141216_19591120141216_195245 20141216_20272620141216_20095920141216_20093320141216_201325

20141216_201514_Richtone(HDR)      20141216_210711

Once we finished looking around the Festival of Lights, we went back home. We didn’t get lost finding our way back. Even though we had some voices in the back seat telling us different directions that we could take (that would, no doubt, get us lost!). We got home and I made her a little cookie gift bag so she could take cookies home with her! And then she went home. We got home around 10:30 and went to bed around 1:00 AM. Which was very late for me, but it was worth it because I had a blast!! The only part that actually kind of sucked was that my ankle was hurting me from walking so much.

Keeping Christ in Christmas

” This will be the sign for you: You will find a baby wrapped snugly in cloth and lying in a feeding trough.”

(Luke 2:12)

I didn’t do much today, I just slept in a little bit. I have been feeling a bit under the weather and tired lately. Hopefully I’m not getting sick!

Thank you so much for reading!! What do you like most about Christmas?? Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another post!! Hint: Entertainment for you eyes! 

Until tomorrow!

Follow your dreams and never give up!!



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