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On the Sixteenth Day of Christmas

Here is another makeup look that you might not want to go out in. I mean, you could. People will just stair at you strangely!


If It looks like I am crying, it is because I got salt in my eye. I highly recommend that you have something to catch the salt with if you are going to put salt on you face. It does burn… a lot. Seriously, my eyes are still watering from the salt in my eyes.

I was going to a Candy Cane Princess. This looks more like a Candy Princess. SO, I am now calling it my Candy Princess makeup look! This took me a few hours to do. Again, because I am a perfectionist. I didn’t really have a picture to look off of for a Candy Cane Princess, so I just winged it.


Keeping Christ in Christmas

“In the same region, shephards were staying out in the fields and keeping watch at night over their flock”

(Luke 2:8)

Nothing really happened yesterday, so I will just tell you about what happened today because today was very eventful. I was working on my blog and my mom woke up at noon. Once she was fully awake she cried out “CRAP!! Today is registration for the race!!” I was utterly confused so I asked “What race?” She basically pushed me out of the computer chair and took over the computer to register for the RunDisney Expedition Everest Challege. We registered my brother and my cousin as a running pair – The Canoodlers (Because when my family ran the RunDisney Princess Half Marathon they were cheating at playing Rummie). However, When me and my mom – TwiddleDee&Dum -tried to register the site wouldn’t let us register. When we could finally register the event was full. So we called RunDisney Customer Service to try to get it situated. We figured that they would refund the tickets we already bought. Little did we know, we had the nicest guy in the whole world that helped us register!! It took a little of three hours to get everything situated. A HUGE shout-out to the guy that helped us!! We are very thankful!! I don’t think I could type out words to actually express how thankful I am for this man! If it weren’t for him my family wouldn’t even be going to the last Expedition Everest Challenge race in May!! (I will be sure to blog about my experience!)

In a little while my best friend of 5 years is coming over to make cookies and watch Christmas movies!! Later we are going to the Festival of Lights! Today couldn’t be a better day!

Thank you so much for reading!! What is your favorite type of candy to eat around Christmas? Mine is definitely hot rock candy!! Make sure you come back tomorrow for another post!! Hint: Musical entertainment!! 

Until tomorrow!

Follow your dreams and never give up!!



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