On the Twelfth Day of Christmas…

I have been watching Christmas movies for a few months now. So I pretty much know the dialogue to all my favorite Christmas movies. I am not even exaggerating. However, I will get on with telling you what movies I have been loving this week!


How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Live Action):

I really like this version of the movie because it’s hilarious! Seriously, I watched this by myself the other day and I died laughing about fifty times. I already went over the plot of the movie with the animated version here. However, in this movie we actually get to see a bit of back story about the Grinch and why he hates the Whos in Whoville. This version has more jokes and a little less rhyming. The costumes for this movie is absolutely fantastic (for a 2000 movie). The set does look Dr. Seuss-y as well! Not to mention they have a real dog in the role for Max!! I highly recommend this movie!!


A Christmas Carol:

What, two Jim Carrey movies in a row? It almost looks like he is my favorite actor (He isn’t, I just happen to like a few of his movies). Anyways, On to this movie. This movie ranks as one of the creepiest movies Disney has made. However, It is one of my favorite Christmas movies because of the storyline. This is an animated movie, it doesn’t look like it from the movie poster but it is! This is a retelling of Charles Dickens’ classic novel. Where a man that hates Christmas, is visited by 3 ghosts (Christmas Past, Present, and Future) to make him realize all the wrong he has done in his life and where he will end up.


Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas:

If you couldn’t tell, I absolutely love Disney movies! This is a sequel to Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas, which you can find out what I think of it here. This film is also animated like the Mickey Mouse Club House TV Show that is on Disney Junior. This movie is more of a children’s movie, as it has five mini films for the little kiddies to watch (We all know that smaller children probably wont sit still through a two hour movie). So this movie is perfect! It features Belles on Ice, Christmas: Impossible, Christmas Maximus, Donald’s Gift, Mickey’s Dog-Gone Christmas. Belles on Ice is about Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck in an ice-skating competition. Daisy gets jealous of Minnie’s performance and tries to ruin it! Christmas: Impossible is about Huey, Dewey, and Louie finding out their on the Naughty list and trying to get their name on the Nice list. They decide to ship themselves to the North Pole to Santa’s Toy Factory. The boys accidentally causes mischief inside Santa’s Toy Factory. Chistmas Maximus is a story that has Goofy and his song Max. Adult Max bring home a girl named Mona. Max is embarrassed by his dad. However, Max realized something in this mini movie. I’m not gonna say it, you will have to find out for yourself.  Donald’s Gift has Daisy, Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie in it. Donald wants some piece and quiet. But Daisy and the boys want to go out to the mall. Donald get annoyed by the “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” tune and tries to find somewhere he can go to get away from it all. Donald ends up in a dark room and stumbles upon a thousand dolls singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” You will have to find out what happens next by watching the movie. Mickey’s Dog-Gone Christmas has Mickey and Pluto in this short movie. Mickey is making decorations for the Christmas party but Pluto keeps interrupting. Pluto wanted to put the star on the tree. However when Pluto did that he knocked the tree down destroying some other decorations, so Mickey put Pluto outside. Pluto then decided to run off. Does Mickey get Pluto back? You will have to find out!

Movie of the Week:


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:

Seriously, this is almost the best movie ever! It is absolutely hilarious. I would not recommend watching this with little children. But it’s a perfect movie to watch with your family that is 14 and up. This movie is about The Griswold Family Christmas. All of their family come to town and stays with them. Everything takes a turn for the worst. To make it even better one of their cousins invites themselves over unannounced. But they are determined to have the “Hap-Hap-Happiest Christmas.”

Keeping Christ in Christmas

“1 In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that the whole empire should be registered. 2 This first registration took place while Quririnius was governing Syria. 3  So everyone went to be registered, each to his own town. “

(Luke 2:1-3)

If you guys remember in yesterday’s postI went to my brother’s band concert. It was actually really good for a beginner middle school band. When we got there we got a nice surprise. It wasn’t just the sixth grade band performing. It was also the 6th grade Chorus, Orchestra, Drama, and Band. Personally I only liked the Chorus and Band performances. The Orchestra kinda sounded like the Nightmare Before Christmas band. The Drama performance didn’t set up the microphones right and they just stayed in one place the entire time. But there were some highlights in all the performances, which made the whole night a blast! Also, I am now on TSU. You can add and follow me! Click here and it will take you to the site.

Thank you so much for reading!! What is your favorite Christmas movie? Make sure you come back tomorrow for another post! Hint: Another activity that children will love!

Until tomorrow!

Follow your dreams and never give up!



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