On the Fourth Day of Christmas…

There is so much going on around Christmas that it’s stressful even thinking about trying to do any other activity. No matter how stressed out you are, you should try doing an activity that brings you joy and pleasure. That way you wont dread the holiday season so much. You can also invite your girlfriends over, do these activities with your family, or both!



This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. If you want to do this, it doesn’t have to be out in public like all the movies. Grab a guitar, bongos, or any other instrument you might have, and invite a few friends over for a party. No one is going to make fun of you if you can’t sing – sing, rejoice, and have fun! 


Christmas Shopping:Christmas Shopping

This is something that I absolutely love but get in trouble doing. I spend so much that I barely have enough money for other things. I’m not one to go out to shop because I can usually get better deals online. However, I do like to go window shopping with my friends. I usually don’t get anything, unless there is a good deal somewhere. We just like seeing all the Christmas decorations in shops and malls. We might even go see Santa, just because we can. You get to see all the decorations and hang out with you best friends. It can’t get better than that!

Giving backGiving Back:

This is why I love Christmas so much! Whenever I walk into a store and they have a bin with a bunch of toys in it for the Toys for Tots campaign, I can’t help but smile! I love when people give back to others without them wanting something in return! If you don’t want to contribute to the Toys for Tots campaign, there are other ways to give back as well. You can send a shoe box (or any box) to the Operation Christmas Child campaign or you can give gifts to your neighbors and friends (without expecting anything in return). There is no need to be greedy or selfish this year!! I have linked both of the campaigns if you are interested in finding out more information about either. 
**Not a paid post**

Festival of Lights:Festival of lights

Going to the Festival of Lights is a holiday tradition for me and my family! Even though they haven’t changed anything throughout the years, it’s still fun to actually see all the lights. Last year I went with my best friend – It was an absolute blast! My local Festival of Lights has all sorts of things to do: Make gooey smores by the warm bone fire, look at elaborate sand sculptures, look at really cool holiday art from all the different schools in the area, amazingly detailed gingerbread houses, a little train that takes you around to look at all the lights, light shows choreographed with music, and of course Jolly Ol’ Santa! It is truly a lot of fun!

Keeping Christ in Christmas

“All scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness,” 
(2 Timothy 3:16)

So I have even more exciting news! I got my second Christmas package in the mail yesterday! It came from Bath and Body Works, and I have to say everything smelled very good when I opened the box! I still cannot believe it is December and I am buying Christmas presents for people! Although, I am excited either way!

What is your favorite Christmas Activity? Make sure you come back tomorrow for another post! hint: Visually and mentally pleasing for most people.

Until tomorrow!!

Follow your dreams and never give up hope!!


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