I’m Indecisive…

I am the type of person that will spend 5 hours deciding what movie I want to go see. Thankfully, I have friends that input their opinions. If they didn’t, I would possibly just decide not to go and sleep the rest of the day. So, you can imagine what it is like for me to try to decide what I want to major in for college.

All throughout high school I thought I wanted to go into the healthcare field. My freshman year I wanted to be a Nurse, my sophomore year I wanted to be an Anesthesiologist, my junior year I wanted to be a Polysomnography, and then my senior year I wanted to do something different – Film.

Most of you do not know, I am currently enrolled in the Film Production program at my local technical college. Although, I am not taking any classes because I can’t seem to get to the Financial Aid office in time. I do want to do this because it seems like a fun, interesting job to have. Not to mention, you can basically do any filming you want to: movies, TV shows, short films, commercials, YouTube, or weddings. I’m very interesting in short films and weddings. It seems like it would be really fun!

Since I had time off where I am not taking any classes and posting makeup tutorials on my blog, I have once again second-guessed my decision. The instant I started second-guessing was when some people told me I should go into Cosmetology since I love makeup so much. At first, I thought they were crazy but now I’m like “Well, maybe I could..”

Since college is a scary thought for me to begin with, I don’t want to make the wrong choice. I’m sure I’m just over thinking like I do with every situation. Right now, my decision is to major in Film Production then go back and major in Cosmetology. It seriously took me 3 months to reach this decision. I feel like this is my best option because if film doesn’t work out I will always have a back up plan! So maybe second-guessing myself was for the best.

Follow your dreams and never give up hope!!



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