A Little Mishap

     This officially ends the Halloween series I am doing on this blog. I would have more up but yesterday I had a little accident at work. My scene partner stepped on my bag (which had my water inside) and the water bottle busted inside my bag. I also had my phone inside the bag as well. You know those darned electronics, they aren’t water proof.

     After I got home from work I put my phone in a bag of rice, but it was too late. My phone wont even turn on. *Tear*

      I am not sure when I will get a new phone. Hopefully it’s before the holiday season. I have so many things planned for the holiday season. I am sorry about this little mishap that happened. I will likely still post the makeup tutorials once I get a phone or a computer of my own. Although for now, I will probably just keep you updated on what is going on with my electronic situation.

     Until next time. Follow your dreams and never give up!




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