October Activities | 14 Days of Halloween: Day 6

October is nearly over. Which means, you better do all the October activities you want to do for this year soon!! There are tons of things to do, its just the matter of actually trying to find time to do them! When you do have time, make sure you do these activities if you haven’t already.


Go to your local pumpkin patch:
Different pumpkin patches have different things to do. My local pumpkin patch is more like a minature fair. They have bouncy castles, huge pillows to bounce on, petting zoos, a ‘haunted hay ride’ for children, and *of course* a pumpkin patch!

Pass Out Candy:
This is something I have wanted to do for a long time but I always lived in a neighborhood where no one trick-or-treats or lived in an apartment. One day I will pass out candy! And I will probably write a blog post about my first time passing out candy to trick-or-treaters.
There is also a variation of things you can pass out. You can be like everyone else and pass out candy or you can be original and do something crazy that no one would expect.
You can pass out toys that little kids would love! Let’s be honest, most of their candy ends up going in the trash. However, if you pass out toys they will play with them until it breaks or they get something better later. Then the parents can sale it or donate it for other children to play with. The parents don’t even have to worry about the plastic wrappers all over the place.
If you have the money, pass out a dollar or two to the children. This makes the children happier than actual candy, even if it is a dollar. Story time: I was actually really excited one year when a woman gave me a paso instead of candy. But later that night I fell in a broken storm drain and had to go to the hospital. Haha!
Last thing you can hand out is food. *Can you tell that I get excited when someone gives out something other than candy? Hehe.* Anyways, you can hand out juices, fruits, pastries, chips, and other snacks.
Not a lot of people will pass out different items for Trick-or-Treaters. But the certain few that do, I love you for being different! Especially if you are passing out fruits and other healthy snacks. Im pretty sure that the parents will appreciate it as well.


Carve a Pumpkin:
You can do this until Thanksgiving, but Halloween pumpkins are the best type to make. Do be careful with this though. If you are younger, ask for an adult that you trust and know to help you.
When you are finished carving your pumpkin, not only will you have a totally awesome jack-o-lantern outside your house, but you will be able to make pumpkin seeds. It doesn’t sound good, but they can be amazing if they are prepared correctly.
If you actually want to keep the pumpkin a lot longer, go get a fake pumpkin. Although, I find it more fun to carve an actual pumpkin.

Go Trick-or-Treating:
If you are older, don’t try to go trick-or-treating. Although, I recently heard that you can trick-or-treat until you are 17. I wish I knew about this. *sigh*
Anyways, you can take your brother or little nephew out trick-or-treating. Its just as much fun as actually doing it yourself. You also get to see the different costumes the other people have! And all the different decorations on the houses. Lastly, you get exercise! Especially if you go trick-or-treating in a state that has mountains!


Go To a Haunted House:
If you are all about the thrill, go through a haunted house! Just don’t be a jerk if actors try to scare you. Remember the people that work at haunted houses are people and they do have feelings. Also, punching the actors in the face when they scare you, classifies you as a jerk. Their job is to scare you and if they don’t, that is okay. People have different scare levels.

Make Goodies for Your Neighbors:
This might not sound fun if you arent a gift-giver. But if you are, you will have fun seeing your neighbors reactions when you suddenly show up with goodies! You might get stuck talking to your neighbors, so make sure you have time to do this.

If you haven’t done any of these things through October, you better hurry! These things only come around once a year, make the best of it! Also, if you are going to go out drinking, drink responsibly.  Drinking and driving not only puts your life in danger but other people’s lives as well.
be safe the rest of October – and for the year! Until next time! Follow your dreams and never give up!
– A

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