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Woodland Fairy | 14 Days of Halloween: Day 5

Have you ever dreamed about being a fairy? Continuing with our theme “Not Breaking the Bank” for halloween costumes, creating a fairy costume isn’t hard. Especially if you are looking into a woodland fairy costume. It also doesn’t have to cost $60 for very thin cloth that is barely covering your body.
For a woodland fairy you will need a dress that looks earthy (or if you are going for a Tinkerbell costume, green) and a pair of wings that are green. Depending on where you live, you can probably find some at your local Dollar General. You might also find some dresses at walmart that you can use for your costume.


I purchased this dress at JC Pennies three years ago, for a friend’s wedding. The dress seemed perfect for a woodland fairy costume. Not only the feather print but also the colors the feathers are.
Not pictured are the wings I had. My mother purchased them for the Disney Princess Half Marathon for her running outfit. The wings were green with silver sparkles.
Now that we have the costume together, its time for the makeup!
The first thing you need to do is apply your favorite eyeshadow primer. Whether its Sephora, Urban Decay, Too Faced, or Ulta it’s always good to use some kind of eyeshadow primer for you eyeshadow. Personally, I love the original Urban Decay Primer Potion and would recommend it to everyone.


After you prime your eye lids and maybe your face as well, its time to apply foundation. I applied my Revlon ColorStay foundation (110 Ivory) all over my face and down my neck. Once I finished my foundation, I used concealer to hid pesky spots and dark circles.
I also applied Maybelline’s DreamLumi Touch highlighting concealer () down my nose, on top of my cheek bones, on my chin, as well as on my cupid’s bow.


Moving on to my favorite part, eyeshadow!
The first thing to do is to mix the two dark greens together (pictured bottom, middle and right. From Sephora Makeup Academy) on a dome brush. Apply this mixture to the outer V of your eye. At first it might be a bit light, but it is buildable. Also make sure to blend it out!
Next is the overall eye lid shadow. Applying a bronze all over the lid. Then on top of the bronze, apply the neon green (pictured bottom left). The bronze underneath the lighter green will make the green look more bronze than neon.
Another thing I added to my eyes was a dark grey eyeshadow in the crease. Also adding a little bit of black eyeshadow in the outer corner will tie the whole eyeshadow look together. Since these are dark eyeshadows you will need to blend like crazy. If you lose any of the green eyshadow reapply it.
last but not least, you need to apply eyeshadow on your lower lid. With the bronze lighter green mixture, apply this mixture near the tear duct. Take the darker green mixture and apply it further away from the tear duct. Finish off the lower lid by applying a little bit of black further away from the tear duct. Make sure you blend everything!


To further my fairy look, I added a shimmery white eyeshadow in the inner corner and the white glittery eyeshadow from the NYX Glitter Cream Pallet. I recommend just using your fingers to apply the cream shadow to your eye lid.


After the eyeshadow it is time for eyeliner. I decided to use a brown cream eyeliner (from Sephora) to keep from making the look too dramatic.

*let’s face it, green eyeshadow is pretty dramatic itself*

Anyways, I lined my lid as thin as I could. I also used the cream eyeliner to line my water line, tight line, as well as using the product for my eyebrows. Finishing my eye makeup I used Maybelline The Rocket mascara in brown.


Remember when we did the bruising for the After Prom Mishap Tutorial and we pinched holes in the sponge? We are going to do the same thing for this as well. Take the green face paint on the sponge and apply it as you would bronzer – applying it on the temples of your forehead, around the hair line,  on the hollows of you cheeks, and down the sides of your nose. Use a stippling technique do apply the face paint.


Finishing off the look I took the same NYX cream eyeshadow and applied it to the high points of my face to highlight and further the fairy look. Applying the cream shadow down my nose, on my forehead, tops of my cheeks, on the tip of my chin, and my cupid’s bow.
Finishing my cheeks off with Revlon ColorStay blush (Softspoken Pink 040) and on the tip of my nose.
On to the lippies!! I Applied a nude pink lip pencil all over my lips. Along with Maybelline’s Color Whisper (). Topping off my lips with Ulta’s Super Shiny lipgloss ().


After all these steps, you are finally a woodland fairy! Make sure you practice flying in your new wings, hehe!
I hope this helped some of you in your conquest to find the perfect halloween costume! Until next time! Follow your dreams and never give up!
– A


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