Throwing a Halloween/Birthday Party | 14 Days of Halloween: Day 4

It’s not Halloween without a totally awesome Halloween party! Whether you are having a birthday party or an actual halloween party, it’s always a ton of fun! Before you start thinking “I really hate planning! They never turn out to be any fun at all.” I will give you some ideas and tips that will make sure everyone is having a blast!
First of all, you need to figure out how many people you want to invite. If you want to have a bigger party (20+ people) you need to be sure that everyone gets along.  Make sure there aren’t any personalities that might clash. A bigger crowd is harder to manage. But if you just want a group of your friends (5-15 people) you are good to invite whomever you want.
Now that you have the people you want to invite, its time for the invitations. It is okay to send out a facebook event to make sure the time and date is okay with everyone. But dont stop there – If you go to school or work, pass out invitations to your friends. Find out what your friend’s address is and mail them invitations. It might seem a bit “old school” to actually pass out invitations, but I feel like it makes the party official.
The next step is to decide on a theme. If you are having a halloween birthday party a theme is important.
Some fun halloween birthday themed parties: Alice in Wonderland,  Nightmare Before Christmas, Dark and demented, Clowns, Vampires, Warewolves, Monsters, Disney, and comic book.
Once you picked your theme, its time for my favorite part – deciding what the invitations look like. You can have a plan card with the details, or you can take it a couple steps further. Actually matching the invitation to your theme.
For my Sweet 16 I actually had an Alice in Wonderland party. I bought the invitations off of Oriental Trading‘s website. It was small, plastic wine bottles with an invitations inside. I personally made the invitation – on the front it was the Cheshire Cat, from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, fading into the darkness. Underneath his creepy grin read, “We’re all mad here…” when you you opened the the invitation on the inside read, “You are cordially invited to Alicia’s Tea Party.” Followed by the Time, Date, location, and when to RSVP by. If the people actually wanted in the party, they had to dress up in a costume. I indicated this on the invitation as well.


You do not have to go all out for the party. I just wanted a cool invitation so people could remember my party. You can also make the invitation yourself – designed by hand or on a computer. Sometimes, it looks better and it’s a lot cheaper as well.
Once you have your invitations done you can now start planning the actual event. You will need to come up with decorations, games, food ideas, drinks, and movies (if you want to watch movies).
When trying to come up with food ideas don’t just make what you like, you need to keep in mind who you are inviting. People like different things and have different diets. You don’t know how many parties I have went to that didn’t have a vegetarian option – I ended up eating chips the whole night.
Not only do you have to think of those you are inviting, but the type of party you are having. If you are going for a finger food or an elegant food type of meal. Also, make sure you have enough food for everyone. The more variety you have, the less you have to get of each food variety. Depending on how many people actually RSVP, you need at least double the amount of food.
For my Alice in Wonderland Sweet 16 party, we had finger foods. We had a range of all different kinds of foods: pizza, tostadas, crab wontons, chips, fries, little cakes, and snacks. No one reLly complained that they didn’t have food they liked.
For drinks we had a huge variety as well: Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, and tea. Tip: Every party my family makes this drink mixture that is so good! We take take Ginger Ale, Apple Juice, and Rainbow Sherbet and put it into a punch bowl. It might sound like a strange combination, but once you taste it you will understand why I am telling you this. Everytime I throw a party, it’s a hit!
After food and drinks have been decided you need to figure out decorations. If you are on a budget, forget about the decorations. You don’t need them to have a great party. But if you want to go the extra mile, look up some DIY projects that you can do for your party’s theme. Also, there is a point where you over decorate for a party. You just need a few things here and there. It isn’t a wedding. You do not need drapes, chair covers, roses, candles, ribbon, curtains, or life sized cardboard cut outs of anyone.


Refering back to the Alice in Wonderland themed party again. The only decorations I had were teapots and teacups layed out/stacked up on a really long table and an Alice in Wonderland cake. I didn’t pay a lot for the teapots and teacups. I went to local yard sales and Goodwills to find them.


Another of my favorite things to plan – games. Birthday parties or Halloween parties arent fun without fun games to play. To be honest, there are a ton of things you can play.
For Birthday/Halloween parties there is:
Disney Apples to Apples – It’s like Cards Against Humanity but cleaner.
Charades – Make sure everyone knows the Movies/Characters/Shows you pick.
Pin the Spider on the Web – It’s like pin the tail on the Donkey except with a spider and a web.
Musical Chairs – Play halloween music instead of regular music.
Basically, any game can be Halloween themed if you replace it with a Halloween item. Make sure you give the winner a prize for actually winning.
Last but not least, you can end the night off with a movie. You can decide on 5 different movies to watch that night but you might want to let people vote on what movie to watch. If you have enough time, you can let them vote on two movies they want to watch. Just make sure it’s Halloween themed or something that is appropriate to watch in October.
You can make these ideas as kid friendly or as grown up as you want. But I guarentee if you follow these ideas, everyone is going to have a good time. If they don’t, then they are party poopers and can’t have fun. I really hope these ideas and tips helped anyone who is struggling to plan a party of any kind.
The Oriental Trading website is a good place to start looking for any type of party decorations, invitations, party favors, and prizes for parties. They also have the cutest items for holiday and other event parties.
Until next time. Follow your dreams and never give up!!


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