After Prom Mishap |14 Days of Halloween: Day 3

If you have a Facebook (who doesn’t?), then you may already know that people are already complaining about putting c-word decorations out. See what I did there? I’m not even going to say that word yet. Hehe.
To relieve some stress you might have from even thinking about holiday shopping, let’s talk about halloween costumes! You are never too old to dress up for halloween. Also, you don’t need to go out and break the bank with an expensive costume; make one yourself from what you have in your closet! The best thing about making costumes yourself is that you can create anything you want. If you want to be a vampire zombie with unicorn hair, do it! Today, I am going to share with you one of my halloween costume ideas – After Prom Mishap.
Here is what you are going to need:
– latex (or Elmer’s glue)
– tissues (toilet paper)
– makeup (everyday and halloween)
– a dress (from your closet)
– fake blood (optional)
– false eyelashes (optional)
– eyelash glue (for eyelashes)
– comfortable shoes
Let’s talk about the dress for a second. It can be any dress you want, day dress or prom dress. If you are wearing your prom dress, just keep in mind we spend $100-$1000 (sometime more than that!) on a prom dress alone and we only wear it for one night. Considering the price, we aren’t going to ruin it. Its just a good excuse to wear your dress again. Although, if you want a prom dress that you can ruin, go to Goodwill. You can get prom dresses there for $20-$60. But remember, you dont want to break the bank with the halloween costume. So try to sick with something in your closet!
Once you have your dress all sorted out, it’s time for the fun part, makeup!


The first thing I did was put liquid latex on my face with a sponge applicator. While the latex was wet, I placed toilet paper on the latex. When that fully dries, apply another layer of latex over the tissue. To speed up the drying process, you can use a hair dryer.


When your latex is completely dry apply any type of powder: baby powder, setting powder, foundation powder. This helps the latex not look at shiny and keep it from being sticky.


The next step is to apply foundation all over your face. I used  Since this is a after prom costume, you want your face to look flawless. Also, to get the tissue paper to look some what like your skin tone apply foundation to the latex part as well.


On to the eyeshadow!! For this look I took After Hours, Sapphire,  and Plum Noir, from an Ulta makeup pallet, in the crease and blended the crap out of it. At first it will be very sheer, if you want it darker you will have to build it up. Just remember to blend!!


For the lid I used a little bit of black eyeshadow. I applied the blue eyeshadow on top of the black (top picture, center shadow). And then over top of the blue I applied the purple eyeshadow (bottom picture, center shadow). The lid colors were all in my Sephora Makeup Academy pallete.


After I finished the lid, I darkened the outer-V of my eye with a smidge of black. For the inner corner of the eye I applied Ice Queen (from my Ulta makeup pallete.) For my lower lid I applied the mixture of After Hours, Sapphire, and Plum Noir. Make sure to Blend everything!


Next is the eyeliner. You can’t tell in the picture but this liquid eyeliner has very fine glitter in it. Not that it matters, because in the end, you cant tell. Anyways, I did a kinda thin cat eye with this look. After everything, you cant tell. But it just gives it an extra “umpf.”  I also tight lined with a black pencil eyeliner and water lined with a nude pencil eyeliner. It’s not pictured, but I decided to use the liquid liner very close to my water line, but very thin.


Then I applied the eyelashes! I absolutely LOVE the eyelashes. But I did have a horrible time putting them on. Let’s not talk about that (lol). After putting on the eyelashes I finished the rest of my makeup by applying bronzer, blush, and doing my eyebrows.


Now this is the extra fun part! And you can’t mess this up. Anyways, the first thing you need to do is take your sponge and pinch holes in it. Once you have holes in your sponge (as pictured on the bottom) you can cut, poke, rip a hole in your latex. if you do cut your latex, be careful and try to not cut your skin! Now that you have a hole in your latex, start adding some black face paint on a clean sponge around the inside edges (where the cut is deepest), then add the red. You might need to do this several times before you are happy with the result.
Remember the sponge that we pinches holes into? We are going to use that for our bruising effect. What I recommend is doing the lightest color first. So take the yellow face paint and pat the product around the wound. Then move up to green, blue, purple, and black. The lighter colors should be further away from the wound and the darker colors should be closer. Next take the red face paint and apply that around the wound where the skin flaps are.  Add some fake blood to the inside of the wound and your good!


And thats it, you are now all gruesome and ready to terrorize your neighbors. I also took some lipgloss and smeared it around my lips. This is so much fun to do because you have so much freedom to do whatever you want. You can even add teeth inside the wound if you want.
Before you go out to buy anything, make sure you check to see if you have anything you can use. Make a list if you have to. Also, make sure you know what you are allergic to. If you are allergic to Latex use Elmer’s glue. It might not be the exact same, but at least you are safe.
Until next time. Follow your dreams and never give up!


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