MOVIES! | 14 Days of Halloween: Day 2

It’s October, are you in the Halloween spirit yet? If not, there are plenty of ways to get into Halloween: going to haunted attractions, going on a ghost tour, making spookie treats, throwing a Halloween party. But for me, I really love watching Halloween movies. No, not the horror film. The Halloween movies that aren’t scary. Some of the movies aren’t even directly related to Halloween, but watching them in October kinda sets the mood a little bit. Here are four movies that I think you should watch throughout October.


Halloweentown (but really the whole movie series)
This series follows three seemingly normal siblings: Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie Cromwell. In the first movie their grandmother Aggie comes for her annual visit on Halloween. Aggie drops a huge bomb, Marnie is a witch just like herself and her mother, Gwen. Gwen doesn’t like this very much, so once the children go to bed she decides to talk to Aggie. Marnie comes down stairs and finds that they are arguing about wanting her children to be normal. So she decides to sneak off and go with her grandmother to Halloween Town. Dylan joins so he can keep an eye on her. Little do they know the youngest sibling, Sophie, decides to follow along as well. Once they get to know Halloween Town a bit more, strange things start happening. It’s up to the Cromwell witches to save the town.


Hocus Pocus
Three witches were put to death for using witchcraft in Salem. Before their death they vowed they would have their revenge 300 years from then. While 300 years have passed, a person named Max, explored their witch house and demanded the witches show themselves. Max’s sister and girlfriend warn him, but he decides to light the Candle of Black Flame. Unfortunately for the town, by lighting that candle, the three witches seek their revenge on the town’s people. Max and the two others have to get the three witches spell book so they can save the sorceresses that will die by sun light.


The Nightmare Before Christmas
This movie is absolutely genius. Two very different holidays but you can watch it for them both.
This movie is about Jack, the pumpkin king, wanting something more in life. He gets tired if the same things every year. He wonders off into the woods to think, but he finds trees with pictures on them. He goes through the door with a tree on it. He ends up in a magical, snowy place called Christmas Town. He goes back to Halloweentown and tells everyone about Christmas Town and wants to create his own verion of Christmas.


You will laugh so hard you will pee with this movie.
A newlywed couple drive off a bridge to avoid hitting a dog. They end up in an offive in heaven and find out they are on a very long waiting list. They end up haunting their home. When a yuppie, married couple with a daughter moves in and starts renivating the whole house. Obviously, the deceased, newlywed couple doesn’t like it and tries to scare the yuppie, married couple but absolutely sucks at it. They found an Ad for Beetle Juice. That’s when things start getting out of hand.
There are a lot more, but these are my personal favorites. What are your favorite movies to watch this time of year?

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time! Follow your dreams and never give up!!

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