14 Days of Halloween | Day 1


Happy October Lovelies!! I absolutely love October. With all the leaves changing from green to red, the great autumn scents that come out, and not to mention the haunted attractions that are opening up! October is, by far, one of the best months of the year!
This month I wanted to do something different, that many people don’t do. I want to count down the days until halloween. I recently came up with this idea, so I’m not going to do it everyday. I am going to try to come up with something every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout October. These things will include: fun halloween treats, costume ideas, DIY decorations, and things you can do around the month of October. I wanted to do something like this because a lot of people are already dreading the holiday season. This is one way to keep your mind off of the holidays and actually enjoy the autumn season.
I really hope you guys enjoy this idea, as much as I will. This introduction counts as day one of the fourteen. Make sure you come by on Friday! Until then! Follow you dreams and never give up hope!

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