Let’s Celebrate You!


Whether we like it or not, the media plays a huge part on what the definition of beauty is. Right now, if you ask girls what the word ‘beautiful’ means to them, most girls will probably say: thigh gaps, hip bones, a flat stomach, small pores, no acne, small waste, big boobs, perfect straight hair, straighter teeth, whiter teeth, eyes closer together, eyes farther apart, bigger lips, smaller nose, ect.
Imagine if we all woke up one day, looked in the mirror, and these changes happened. It would be great for a month or two. But by the time the third month rolled around,  we would get use to the way we looked and we would start to point out flaws again.
You need to fully accept the bigger “flaws” you have that you cannot change. Most of us do not like to accept them, but these “flaws” are there. Don’t be ashamed of them, make them work for you. If you are shorter/taller and you absolutely hate it, dress a way that makes your legs look longer.
If you are overweight, dress a way that flatters your body. You can also lose some weight if you want. Just don’t become unhealthy!
Let’s say you have really bad crooked teeth, save up money to get braces. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or a child. If you want to fix your teeth, then fix them. Life lesson: Don’t be ashamed to do something that betters your life because of what people have to say.
Maybe you want bigger breasts. There are plenty (not all) of women that would do anything for smaller breasts. These women have extra pressure on their spine and back. Some of the women can have shortness of breathe. Some of these women don’t get enough exercise, so in turn, they begin to gain weight. Im not saying everyone with bigger breasts should go and get breast reduction. What I’m saying is you don’t need bigger breasts to be beautiful. Save the $3,000-$5,000 you would spend on breast implants (priced based on surgeon fees in 2010, probably costs even more now) and go on a shopping trip. Shoot, you might be able to buy a good used car if you look in the right places! (Unless you actually need it. i.e. clawed badly by an animal, clef lip, reconstuct breast after breast cancer.)
Embrace who you are and don’t change when someone says you aren’t beautiful because of a certain feature. If you are trying to make a change (i.e. losing weight, getting braces) don’t let anyone try to bring you down for that. You worked hard to build up confidence to actually go through with these changes. But make sure you are doing it for you and not anyone else.
Celebrate who you are and how you look everyday! Don’t ever be depressed because of who you are. You are beautiful! Don’t give in to the media crap. It’s okay to look different.
Thank you so much for reading this post. Until next time! Follow your dreams and never give up hope!


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