Autumn Makeup Look | Makeup Monday


I was really bored today and I figured I would play with my Sephora Makeup Academy pallete. I came up with this sort of Autumn-y look and I figured I would try to make a tutorial for you. Let’s get into it, shall we?

First, prime your eyes. No one likes to have creases in their eyeshadow!  You can use whatever primer you love. I am using the primer that comes with the Sephora Makeup Academy pallete. Remember the skin around your eyes is delicate, so make sure you use your ring finger to apply the primer.


The next thing I like to do is work eyeshadow into the outer corner of the eye with a large dome shadow brush. I took a bronze eyeshadow first(bottom picture, left eyeshadow)  then a brown eyeshadow (bottom picture, center eyeshadow) and work them into the outer corner of my eye. Remember to blend these shadows out.


Then I worked a darker brown shade (bottom picture, left eyeshadow) in the  crease with a small dome shadow brush. Followed by a redish, brown eyeshadow (bottom picture, right eyeshadow) to the crease. Then I took a shadow that is close to my skin tone on a blending brush to blend the outer edges. A powder foundation could also work. You can build the shadows up to make this look as dark as you want. Just remember to blend!!

The picture for this step is after I applied the rest of my makeup, because I kinda forgot to take a picture while I was applying the makeup (way to go Alicia…) Anyways, I applied a light bronzy white eyeshadow and patted the shadow on the top of my lid.  I used a regular eyeshadow brush for this step.


I applied black cream eyeliner, with an eyeliner brush, to line my top lid. Keep the eyeliner close to the lash line. You can also do a winged eyeliner if you want. I didn’t, because I suck at doing winged eyeliner. The cream eyeliner was also in the Sephora Makeup Academy pallete.


I tightlined and waterlined with the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in ‘Rockstar’. Which is a gorgeous brown, purple eyeliner! You can also use brown, black, or any colors you want! But if you want to keep the Autumn theme, go with some Autumn colors.


You can stop here and just go ahead and put on mascara and the rest of your makeup. But if you want the extra ‘ompf’ in your look then keep going. I went back to the eyeshadow with a very small angled brush and put it right under my lash line. I took the light eyeshadow (pictured at the top, center) and applied it near my tear duct. I took the redish, brown eyeshadow (pictured at the bottom right) and applied it farther away from the tear duct.


Topping the eye makeup off by applying Urban Decay’s Supercurl Curling mascara ‘black’ to the top and bottom lashes. I used two coats on the top and one coat on the bottom. Again, you can apply whatever mascara you love. This mascara was the first thing I grabbed.


After i finished my eye makeup, I started my face makeup. First I applied my MAC Pro Longwear Foundation ‘NC20’. Then, I moved on to Maybelline’s Dream Matte Power ‘Medium 0-1 Sand’. After powder I threw on some Revlon blush ‘040 Softspoken Pink’ and Physician’s Formula bronzer ‘3105 Sunlight’. Finishing the face by doing my eye brows with a brown brow pencil. For the lips I went back to the Sephora Makeup Academy pallete for the lips and used the lip primer. Then I applied the pinkish, purple lipgloss with a lip brush.


Most of the look was done with the Sephore Makeup Academy pallete. I absolutely adore this makeup look. It reminds me of autumn leaves with all the bronze and browns. I hope I did okay with explaining everything. This is my first makeup tutorial. Thank you for reading this post all the way through! I’m sorry for my rookie mistakes. I hope you have a fantastic day! Until next time! Follow your dreams and never give up hope!


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