How to Stay Motivated | Part 1


“Just one more episode!” “I’m too tired!” “I’ll do that right after I beat this boss!” These are all too familiar.  We have so many distractions these days. We have books, TV, cell phones, different apps for our cell phones, gaming systems, and computers with Internet. Don’t get me wrong, these things can be good things, in moderation. But spending too much time on one of these things can be quite bad. You can develop bad habits. And these bad habits can cause you to become lazy and unhealthy.
Here are some tips to get yourself healthy and motivated:
     Tip #1: Get enough sleep. Sleeping might not seem important, but not getting enough sleep is bad for your health. Adults need 7-12 hours of sleep. Also, get on a decent sleep schedule. Your body will not want to get up and do anything if you sleep 9pm-7am one day then 4am-12pm the next.
Tip #2: Eat a good, healthy breakfast. Like they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This important meal will jump start your motabolism. Just make sure that it is healthy, so your body gets good nutrition. Smoothies and juices are good choices!
     Tip #3: Workout early in the morning (an hour after breakfast). This will help your motabolism work more. Not to mention, it’s very good to get up and workout to stay healthy!!
These are some of my tips to stay motivated and healthy. This is only part one on how to stay motivated. Thank you so much for reading!! Until next time! Follow your dreams and never give up hope!


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