My Holy Grail Makeup


“Holy Grail makeup” is makeup that you cannot live without (essentials). Since people have different skin types and styles, their makeup essentials will be different.
These products are my essentials and are very loved. I don’t go anywhere without them. Even when I am on vacation and don’t plan to wear makeup, I bring them with me. Let’s start going through the products!
Starting from the very back of the picture, is the Rimmel London Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder (001 Transparent). I have oily combination skin, so this stuff is amazing! It leaves your face matte for a few hours. It also minimizes the look of your pores (which is always a plus). You can purchase this product at Walmart ($3.97), Target ($3.99), or CVS ($5.69).
The product next to the Rimmel Stay Matte is a high end product. The MAC Pro Longwear Foundation (NC20) is a life saver. I originally purchased this foundation for my Junior Prom, but I have used it for my Senior Prom and my graduation. For all these events, I had a false tan. So, this foundation does not match my skin tone, right now. You can purchase this product at the MAC stores or online store. However, since this is a high end product, it comes with a high end price tag. For $32.00 you get 1.0 fl oz.
The next product is the long blue tube. This is the Maybelline The Rocket mascara (very black). You can tell that this mascara gets lots of love (or abuse). This is my all time favorite mascara. I have tried a lot of others and I still come back to this product. This product gives you length and you can add additional coats to get volume. The only down side is the waterproof version is very flakey after awhile. You can purchase this proctuce at Walmart ($5.94), Target ($4.59), or CVS ($6.49).
In front of the Maybelline The Rocket mascara is two products from Urban Decay. The Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray All-Nighter and the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Original). These are both high end products that are staples for many people. The makeup setting spray is great for long days for running around or long nights full with dancing and partying. You can get the full size product at Ulta or the Urban Decay website for $30.00 which gives you a 4 oz bottle. If you want to try the product out try the travel size. The travel size is $14.00 for a 1 oz. The eyeshadow primer potion is great to keep your eyeshadow from creasing. Although I do not have any eyeshadow on this list, I wear eyeshadow all the time. You can purchase this product at Ulta or the Urban Decay website, as well. And like the setting spray you can purchase a full size or travel size. For a .37 oz it costs $20.00 and $12.00 for a .20 oz. If you do go on the websites, there are sets you can purchase with these products. This is a cheaper way to get these products in your possession.
Last but certainly not least, you need a good eyeliner! As of right now, the Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner (261 Noir) is my favorite. This eyeliner is creamy and glides on your eyes. This product also has a sharpener at the end to sharpen the liner. The bad thing about this liner is that it does not stay on the waterline, It will smudge down.  I have not found a good eyeliner for the waterline. If you have any suggestions or techniques, please let me know. You can purchase this product at Walmart ($4.44).
If you have makeup you love and want me to try, let me know. I love to try new things! **I researched and recieved all the prices from online stores. So, these prices might not be accurate in a store near you.** Thank you so much for reading! Until Next time! Follow your dreams and never give up hope!


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