My Very First Blog Post

This blog will consist of beauty, fashion, and life.

Why am I choosing broad subjects to write about? I don’t want to limit myself to a subject like “Teen Fashion” Of course, I will write about that, but there is only so much one can say about that subject.

Posting Schedule
I am going to try to post two times a week (Monday, Friday). Some weeks I might post less, and others I might post more.

Technical Issues
Since I do not have a computer as I’m typing this, it will be hard to post long drawn out thoughts, tutorials, videos, or pictures with my posts. So please, try to bare with me through this.

What I Plan To Do Here
For beauty, I want to share what products I really like and recommend. In the future, I would like to post tutorials for different looks. How to style long curly hair, what products I use, recommendations, how I dye my hair, cute style ideas, and so much more.
For fashion, I would love to post what is hot, Opinions about fashionable clothing articles and jewlery, my first impressions about a certain article of clothing and what I think of it now, cute outfit ideas, and a lot of other things.
For lifestyle, I want to post yummy recipes including smoothies, juices, salmon, salmon salad, and other yummy snacks and meals. Also, I want to post some ways to get out and enjoy the sun, different exercises, fun things to do indoors on rainy days, ways to help out around the house, tips on how to get motivated, and so many other things.

I look forward to posting all my thoughts, advice, and quirky little things with the Internet. Until next time!



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